Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Samsung Digital Appliances continue to evolve with products that are made from the heart. Launching their newest innovation, the Love@Home offers an array of technologically advanced appliances designed to meet the demands of modern families while affording them means to spend more quality time together. Over the years, I have noticed that so much have been developed for us to be able to feel convenience in our residence and Samsung makes it even cozier and filled with love. 

Samsung Digital Appliances Business Unit Adviser Daejoong Kim and Samsung Digital Appliances Business Unit Head Joey Hidalgo graced the event by showing us the useful and innovative products that Samsung offers to consumers. Celebrity moms Daphne Osena-Paez, Tessa Prieto-Valdez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo also shared how these Digital Appliances help them have a life-work balance. And I think that is important to everyone, making use of modern tools so we can have time for the things/people that matter to us.

Samsung dealers and the media were given the virtual tour of the Samsung Home. There, I got tidbits and more information on how to improve our household. And since we do different tasks at home, Samsung Digital Appliances would be a breeze to have inside the abode. 

Here are the Samsung Digital Appliances that were launched during the Love@Home. You can also bring out your checklist, should you be very interested on what products are your must-haves:

Since its 30-plus degrees everyday in this summer heat, the Samsung Digital Air Conditioner can be relied on to provide cool, and germ-free air in your homes. With its patented virus detector technology, it immobilizes and deactivates bacteria, and turns them into water vapor resulting to a steady flow of clean air. It’s also 60% energy efficient with the Smart Inverter Technology, and has an advanced Smart Wi-Fi, meaning that you can control it with your Samsung Mobile Phone or Tab, powered with an internet connection.

As I do the laundry and cleaning at home, the Samsung Digital Vacuum and Washing Machine is perfect for me! Cleaning the house is not much of a chore for me with the Super Twin Chamber technology that can hold more dirt, and can go through more cleanings before the need to be emptied out. Its full digital features provide the best suction in all surfaces.

On the other hand, the top-of-the-line washing machine incorporates Samsung’s Wobble Technology that is gentle on fabric yet tough on washing performance. It keeps the original quality of clothes and with a Digital Inverter Motor in its core, making it more energy-efficient and durable. And have you seen their stylish designs? I could stay all day being so domestic with these beauties.

For the main attraction, a home is not complete without the meals that you have to prepare. Samsung also has an answer to that. The Samsung Digital Microwave is sure to be tough inside and out. It also has anti-bacterial properties while its rust-resistant ceramic enamel cavity prevents it from unsightly scratches.

And finally, the Samsung Digital Inverter Refrigerator is one of a kind because of its packed features. It is energy-efficient, innovative, and keeps foods fresh and crisp all the time. I know this is what my Mom would like, just as Daphne, Tessa and Rissa.

“We are very proud to bring these Samsung Digital Home Appliances to our valuable consumers,” states Joey Hidalgo, Business Unit Head for Samsung Digital Appliances. “These appliances offer more than comfort and convenience by making household chores easily managed, but they also allow parents to save money and spend it to other things to make all family members happy.”

In a world where everything is almost digital, Samsung Appliances are made durable and efficient. They are made to last, just as long as your family needs it and you can be sure that they are the ultimate products that will make your lives convenient and full of love.

Know more about Samsung Digital Appliances at their website: http://www.samsung.com/ph

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