Monday, December 31, 2012

Cafe Lupe at the Park, Manila
I always remember Luneta as a place where my parents used to bring me when I was a kid.  It was a happy place because of its huge playground. So  gladly said yes when Mommy Jinkee invited us to spend  the  Christmas Party of The Road Trippers at the newly opened Cafe Lupe at the Park. It's like coming back home after a few years :)
The fantastic fountain and lights show
Cafe Lupe at the Park is located near the huge fountain in the middle of Rizal Park. Since it was refurbished by the tourism department, people have been going to Luneta to see the colorful laser light show dancing fountain. I was in awe when I saw it, because I never imagined that this attraction exists there. And you can see it for free!  

There's a light show even inside Cafe Lupe. :)
So imagine the view when you go to the Upper Deck of Cafe Lupe. From their restaurant in Antipolo City, Cafe Lupe opened a venue where Manilenos can enjoy their food and drinks. Since they opened only a few weeks ago, there are limited choices of food. But rest assured that this coming 2013, they'd full blast on their menu. 

Their yummy barbeque
Their marinated barbeque only sells for Php20.00, while their drinks are tied up with Asia Brewery. You can also sing your hearts out at their videoke. Have an enjoyable night with family and friends with Cafe Lupe at the Park.

Cafe Lupe at the Park is your nearest destination should you have fun, food and drinks. During our party, we consumed of Tanduay Ice and played Pinoy Henyo with everyone. We were also in awe with the magnificent lights from the fountain. Definitely a superb night indeed!

Thank you Cafe Lupe for inviting us. For more details, you can visit their Facebook Page at  Now you know where to bring your date.

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