Shopping Spree at the SM City Manila 3-Day Sale

Manila, Manila, I keep coming back home to you. Did you know that SM City Manila was the first mall I've ever went into during college? This is where first date with an ex happened, watched my first movie alone here, and built friendships too. But when I worked in Ortigas, I refrained going there because I was nearer to another SM mall. So when I heard that SM City Manila is holding a 3-Day Sale this August 31, September 1 and 2, and I was invited to shop and dine, guess who's excited to come back to the mall that's filled with good memories? :)

Before the shopping commence, we had a hefty lunch at Kung Fu Kitchen, one of the newest dining places at SM City Manila. Rain, Krystle, Hazel and I feasted on Chinese goodness and the coolest cuisines you can ever imagine. And did you know that this is the newest restaurant of Marvin Agustin? Just like the numerous dining places he's ever ventured in, the ambiance was very cozy. But wait till you see their prices, because I never thought that fine dining could turn into fastfood at the same time. 

More about Kung Fu Kitchen on my next blog post, but I was in awe when I saw SM City Manila. A lot has changed and it got so much better! But just as same as before, the place gets so crowded everytime there's sale, and that day is no exception to that.

Here are the many pictures that we took that day and how fun our shopping was, especially today that I've been with the best shopping mates ever. Let me start first at the SM Department Store:

Never fails to let me take a second look
Pink plates!
There's SALE everywhere!
Even though these are for kids, I woud still want them
You could even win the new iPad 
Soft mattresses and pillows

A girl can't resist her bling
Boho Chic!
Funky chandelier earrings
GTW Section
I love their polo shirts
THAT colorful dress
HOT Fashion
Parisian Bags
Best for office girls
Famous satchels
Glam in these babies
I need this for motivation to travel more
Floral Wedges
More wedges
 Moving on outside the Department Store, I scored fashionable items that are within my budget:

The very posh Candie's Store
Unica Hija
A big slash off their price at Jellybean
Even SOLO participated! We want their Pupung shirts!
When I got home, I was so enthusiastic because I got really great deals of up to 70% off! Now I have two dresses for my birthday and even bought a gift for Baby Mariel's baptism tomorrow. Even though I was exhausted, I went home with so much stuff for a very tipid price.

One from Petit Monde, One from Candie's and Toy Kingdom
So before the stocks run out, do catch the SM City Manila 3-Day Sale until Sunday to get huge discounts and even get to win awesome prizes. Thanks to SM City Manila Marketing and Azrael for making us go to this shopping spree experience.

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