Saturday, September 01, 2012

Rejections are tough, that's why you need the people you love to be with you during trying times. In the case of Derek Lorenzo, he professed his feelings to the girl of his dreams through a song, only to get rejected by Anna Benaza. What's worse is, she replied with a video for everyone to see. That blows right? Even I got so worked up that I messaged Anna at her Youtube video and told her that she's not that "hot, hot, hot, hot, hot" with that kind of attitude. :( In case you haven't seen her reply, watch the video below and see for yourself.

But as people go, some would be willing to come to you as well. Derek's family was also heartbroken when they found out about Anna's reply. They have been so supportive of him since the very first day he uploaded the video, that they immediately came to the rescue when poor Derek saw her answer. But don't worry, things might turn around for Derek and YOU might just be the girl he's waiting for.

Be Derek's new ANNA by submitting a video entry on why you should be his girl! Go to and upload your video now. If only I have a niece or cousin that's aged 12-16 years old, I would tell her to do a video too, so Derek wouldn't be sad anymore. You sure wouldn't wanna see this cutie cry right?

You could also visit these malls at the following dates to upload your on-ground uploading stations. Who knows, you might even catch Derek and have a picture with his whole fam bam!

September 1 & 2 (Saturday & Sunday)Robinson Manila - Robinsons Place Manila, Level 1 fronting Jollibee Adriatico Wing
September 8 & 9 (Saturday & Sunday)SM Megamall - UGF BLdg B. Space 2 & 3 fronting French Baker

Join now because if you're chosen, you will be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial and also take home a Samsung Ultrabook. How's that for being a nice girl? I'm sure Anna Banana would be crying buckets now.

This song is so infectious that I wanna play it over and over again. Sorry Anna Banana, you also had you're chance, but Derek will move on soon with a much BETTER girl. As for me, I'll be watching Resident Evil: Retribution with my guy, together with the Nuffnang Team, and hopefully see the new Anna there with a happier Derek. :)

I'll be waiting for you videos! Let's all see who's worthy for Derek at the Hope to see your entry there :)

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