Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mozilla Firefox has been buzzing for so many years now. But did you know that its mission is to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Internet? Last August 22, we were invited to join their roadshow that was held at the Globe Telecom's Globe Labs in Makati to learn more about Mozilla here in the Philippines. 

Mr. Jun Barrun introduced the Mozilla to everyone
Headed by Mozilla's Community Manager, Mr. Jun Barrun, members from radio, television, print, internet  media and bloggers, as well as IT students and sectors attended this informative event. He talked about Mozilla in the Philippines - what the company believes, advocates and even a run through of the different products aside from the web browser, Firefox. 

What I did not know is that Mozilla has a lot of great apps to utilize. They have developer tools, a line-up of add-ons where they feature the Firebug and Web2Mobile, the mobile function, etc. Sir Jun also discussed the different activities and localization efforts that were rendered by the MozillaPH Community, alongside the on-going recruitment of Mozilla Reps and Mozilla Student Reps in the country.

Sir Bob and Ms. Michelle ( (Photo credits to Vladimir Lima)
Followed by Mr. Barrun, Mozilla Rep and Regional Localizer Lead Robert Reyes presented the Firefox OS (formerly known as the Boot to Gecko project). The new FirefoxOS helps the developers to easily create cross-browser applications for the web and wait for it - your very own smartphones and tablets using HTML5. How genius is this technology? Sir Bob compared two smartphones - one powered with the Firefox OS, while the other, its usual operating system. His phone easily booted while the latter took much longer before its start up. This is because the HTML5, makes developers handle multimedia and graphical content on the web without having to resort to proprietary plug-ins and platform-specific application programming interfaces (APIs). In short, there are more opportunities to create stimulating and interactive websites as well as better and more powerful applications.

With all these, Globe Telecom supported the event and its advocacy. Ms. Anne Michelle Santos, Developer Relations Manager of Globe Labs said, “Globe Labs is always in a lookout for innovations in the mobile space in view of advancements in the delivery of mobile products and services. Thus, we continuously engage the IT community by offering various trainings and workshops and entering into partnerships with third-party developers and communities such as MozillaPH which hold similar activities,”.

Mozilla Roadshow was a huge success! (Photo credits to Vladimir Lima)
Mozilla has definitely gone a long way since the Firefox browser. And they are here to build better Internet for users like us. Thanks to Sir Bob Reyes for inviting us to this educational event. To know more about their products, visit the Mozilla Philippines website at or Like them in Facebook at For updates, follow them in Twitter via

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