Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One sunny Saturday, I found myself hanging out with the cast of one of the top rating teleseryes in ABS-CBN, Princess and I. And for someone who doesn't watch too much television, this series would always catch my attention because its great for kids and the kids at heart. Plus the chemistry of Kathryn Bernardo - Enrique Gil - Daniel Padilla- Khalil Ramos is loved by many, that's why it has been climbing up the top of the TV charts.

Khalil Ramos is such a cutie!
We interviewed Khalil and Enrique first. While the first group talked to Enrique, we had the chance to talk to Khalil (Kiko). This cutie is very polite and gives out answers that would make you saw "awwww". He earned my respect because of the fact that he still goes to school despite the hectic schedule and whatnots. 

I was swooned by Enrique Gil 
On the other hand, Enrique was riding the fame wagon due to his excellent performance in Budoy. Starring as a prince in this series, Jao, he was a typical charmer. I am fascinated with his scenes because the role fits him very well. 

Kathryn Bernardo is indeed a  lovable princess :)
We had the chance to chat with the main character, Kathryn Bernardo as Mikay. She said that it was always her dream to play the role of a princess and truly, she's living it now. But as her character still faces a lot of hard work, we'll see more of what will happen to her and her happy ever after. And of course, who will she end up with.

The bad boy Daniel Padilla isn't all that bad.
Among the three, Daniel Padilla exudes the astig factor in all of the guys. One look at him and you couldn't separate his face and expressions to Robin Padilla. I get it why girls love the bad boys. And mind you, Gino (Daniel Padilla) isn't a bad boy without a substance, because he gives leverage to his co-stars. During our visit, he also graced us by singing a line (or two) of his hit remake of "Hinahanap-hanap Kita". Lucky us!

Ms. Gretchen Barretto never ages a day! :D
Last and definitely not the least, Ms. Gretchen Barretto is one fine lady. Even on a scorching heat, she willingly talked to us bloggers about playing Ashi Behati. Because she is the Queen, she has to maintain standards that sets out among the crowd. With her regal ways, La Greta is tailor-fit for the role because her expressions can make you bow down with her royal stature.

The cast of Princess and I at the "Ulan" Station ID
Princess and I's story will tug your heartstrings, make you smile, and laugh. Know more about Mikay's adventures in discovering her true identity,only on ABS-CBN Primetime after TV Patrol World.

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