Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Dad has been an OFW for so many years now, and even though he's been to so many countries already,   he still believes that home is where the heart is. And just like him, everytime I go home is fulfilling because you get to be with your family, and the things that matter to you - SHELTER. With the Bourne Legacy coming up, you'll know the value of home, your family and friends.

Browsing through Mandaue Foam, I get to see beautiful pieces that I may add to my place of solace, my bedroom. I wanted to revamp my space because its the place where I usually spend most of my time especially when I'm home. 

I take care of my books a lot and this Bookshelf with magnetic system will help me more organized and its see through feature will make me browse my books easily. 

This Circles Mirror is for the vain in me. I love how this forms to a big mirror. Aside from looking at yourself with it, this is a great decorative piece in your abode.

And lastly, its not a big surprise as to why I would want this Samantha Bed in my room. Aside from the fact that its pink, this will make me feel like a princess. And with its 2 night stands, I have more room for my things. 

And because home is where great things belong, watch this very touching TVC from Mandaue Foam and how it transforms the lives of two people who love each other. Now I really wish that this could happen to me someday soon. But I guess I have to wait some more. :)

For more home ideas, visit With Nuffnang and Mandaue Foam, the possibilities of making your home more comfortable is possible. You just need to be creative so you can value "Your Home, Your Imagination".


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