Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Body Shop's PULSE
Whenever I step into a Body Shop Store, it somehow relates me to nature and paradise. Because of its fragrant scents and colorful shelves of make-up and skin care products, I am always lured to try them one by one. This June 23 was no exception as The Body Shop opens “Pulse”, its newest concept store at the SM Mall of Asia, where it creates a unique and memorable experience that engages and informs. They feature more products that are inspired by nature and let the customers participate in the Body Shop Community – where activism, beauty and community collide.

I love this very informative table
The PULSE is an interactive, forward thinking and beauty/community focused boutique for the Body Shop customers. Its cutting edge design, top quality materials and natural imagery would make you feel welcomed and be more informed about their products. Entering the Pulse store, you will be greeted by two natural, wooden Story Selling Tables containing products, make-up and a ‘create your own gift’ area. This “island” will let you touch, smell and test their products while interacting with the Body Shop team, should you have questions about their items.

Adoring the Lily Cole Collection. I so want them all! (crosses fingers)
I love how The Body Shop has their communities that inspire individuals to care for nature and the world we live in. I also believe in their advocacy because it promotes fair trade and they are against Animal Testing. They even got Lily Cole (Yes, the girl from Snow White and the Huntsman) to be their spokesperson and created a make-up line that promotes cruelty free products. Now I wish I have all of the Lily Cole collection because they are so awesome. We got to try them during our Love Your Body Make-up Workshop and I was so in love by its holy pink-ness. All these and they make us girls (and even guys) look pretty and feel good about ourselves. 

Here are the pictures of the PULSE opening and how this fabulous store looks like:

With the TBS Team, together with Helen and her sister Cindy
Body Butters! (And lots of them!)
Scents that are perfect as gifts.
For pucker me up lips.
Neat shelves
Lily Cole lip gloss. 
For the Body
These are inviting me to get them.
Even the cashier area is pretty nifty.
More shelves
And I also promote Beauty with HEART :)
For more information about the "Pulse" Store, check out The Body Shop PH's Facebook Page at So have you been at the newest Pulse store? Share your newest The Body Shop finds here! :)

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