Friday, June 29, 2012

I have always been a fan of weddings. Whenever one of my friends get engaged and she tells me that I'm part of the entourage, I always sign up to help with the wedding plans and all. And when the bride starts to walk down the aisle, she gets to be the center of attention. And after all the vows and love that she and the groom promises, that's where forever starts.

Tagged as the "Wedding Month", June is usually the time of "I Do's". Luckily, as a Tondo dweller, I am just near Tutuban Center, the shopping haven for bargain hunters, so when my forever eventually happens, I immediately have a place to go. They even recently held a fashion show called “The Wedding Anthology: Formal, Wedding and Evening Wear" that features tenants specializing in formal wear for both men and women.

The show kicked off with an array of suits for men for any formal occasion, followed by the ladies’ sophisticatedly designed evening dresses that left most of the audience in awe. The next set featured the most anticipated wedding attires, with men in dashing form wearing classic barong, while the women looked extremely elegant in their gowns studded with elaborate decorations.

The show was of tremendous benefit for those scouting for the next glossy and trendy look when it comes to formal wear—wedding or not—and the array of remarkable clothes presented during the show made couple’s eyes’ a-glitter with excitement, their hearts a-fluttering as they visualize how they would both look like the moment they are in church in front of the eyes of their families, relatives and friends.

Weddings have always been one of the most anticipated and extraordinary events in anyone’s life, a great moment of celebration for the couple and their loved one.. But more than all the preparations to make a wedding day beautiful and memorable, more than how the wedding should look, what really matters is how the couple would handle the following days of their married life—together, and more importantly, forever.

So bless the bride and the groom and may they have a happily ever after. But more importantly, may they have great deals from Tutuban Center to celebrate their forever and ever with style. :)

Tutuban Center is located along historic C.M. Recto Avenue right at the heart of Manila’s shopping district.

(Source: Tutuban Center PR)

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