Sunday, June 03, 2012

Elle Woods referenced Cosmopolitan as "The Bible" to Brooke Wyndham in Legally Blonde. And for many years now, I can pretty much say that most of the things I learned about being a girl came from the magazine that I dubbed as the girl's best friend. This June, Cosmopolitan Philippines presents Kim Chiu as their cover girl plus numerous articles that can help you to become chic and fabulous.

Rainy days doesn't have to be gloomy and sad. One of my favorite articles in this issue is the HAPPY LIST where all things colorful and lovable are listed as their top favorites. From bags to shoes and even to kitchen stuff, this list is sure to be a happy read. 

Not only the readers have their confessions, but now, their cover girl does too. Buy your copy now and know more about Kim's background, her past relationship and other tidbits from her PBB days. And definitely about the boys too. Oh and don't you just love her heel-less shoes? I want to have one! :)

And these are really interesting reads from the June issue. I can't get enough of helpful articles like these. Plus, there are stories about marriage and brides since June is a month of weddings. Get your copy now and be a Cosmo girl again and again. 


I like this issue rin! It's better than May issue. :)


I'm a big cosmo girl din!! Will buy this once i get the chance!! :)

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I do too! I love magazines with lesser ads :P


Buy na! There are a lot of interesting reads :) Thanks for informing me about your contest! I'll see if I could join and support as well :D


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