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Outfit: Forever 21 dress / Mom's shoes
Hi lovies! Sorry for the very long hiatus from blogging. I've been so sick the past few days and very overwhelmed with work that when I get home, I'd go straight my bed and sleep. Still not feeling THAT better, I just had to share my Belle De Jour Rendezvous: Believe, Dare, Become experience. A backgrounder: BDJ started throwing rendezvous during 2008. I was lucky to be part of the first one in the Ramp, Glorietta and have been a regular ever since. For this year, its first rendezvous was held at the Ace Water Spa in Pasig City last May 19 and I was just as excited to go. 

Lots of goodies for everyone!
Helen and I met up at the Pioneer MRT station going to Ace Water Spa that day. But since I was too lazy to get moving, I was late during our meeting time. Good thing that the talks are not yet starting so we settled down at the front. It was nice to see new faces, but I feel nostalgic that the "veterans" weren't joining anymore. As I saw the prizes table, I was so excited to see lots of prizes this time (and eyeing for the Fitflops) and there was even a bunny in a basket. Such a cutie!

Ms. Cielo Frontreras giving her lecture
Our first speaker was Ms. Cielo Fronteras, Make-Up Artist and Accessory designer to talk about the 2012 Fashion Trends. To give a gist of her topic, the trends that are hot today are the 60's Mod Fashion, 60's Folk Fashion, 60's Sex Kitten, Art Deco, Tribal, Sporty, Mermaid, Summer Layering, Multi-tone Prints, Tailored Shorts, Mesh/ Preforation, Statement Collars and the High Waists. As for hairstyles, the in thing today are the Side Part, Wet Look, Indie Fringe/ Bangs, The Center Part. She also demonstrated the fashion forward makeups and trends. 

Ginny is sooo pretty :)
Our next speaker was Ginny Gonzales, a Personality Development Instructor and talked about "Do the Balancing Act: Juggling Work and Play". I am pretty sure that I need to re-evaluate my life on this aspect. Ginny was once the person who thought she was doing what she was supp
osed to do, but not what she really wanna do. She got so burned out and as if she's traipsing on a thin rope as whether follow everyone, or what she loved doing. I loved when she said, "everything is permissible but not everything is for us". I guess for you to be able to live a full life, you should re-assess the things and the people who really matter to you. And don't forget to STOP. DROP and ROLL. :)

I thought they would raffle off the Macaron tower! lol.
Before we could meet the last speaker, BDJ treated us with a merienda from Bizu. I loved the macaron tower that they served us. Of course, I took a pink macaron. After eating, BDJ had a Flipsters game. Conch and I joined as partners and we won as the runner ups. Not bad because we both received a pink Flipsters flip-flops!

Tips for confidence boost by Ms. Sarah
Lastly, Ms. Sarah Ramos, a Life Coach talked about the10 Steps to Confidence. She gave us amazing tips whether you're in your workplace or meeting and dealing with people. 

Me loves my BDJ Gurlfriends: L-R; Mitchell, Mariel, Lala, Alpha, Me, Helen
And of course, who wouldn't love a good photo opp with my BDJ Girlfriends! I'm so happy that Tchel attended the rendezvous again, met Mariel and Alpha for the first time, and been with the co-veterans, Lala and Helen. And I had a loot of goodies to bring home too. Thanks to the BDJ team for the fun, prizes and friendship afternoon. Hoping for the next event to be as this fun as well!

I can't wait to use these all 
And when I got home, here are what I brought with me. And yes, that's a Fashion Week ticket, and I'll get back to that later. If you wanna join rendezvous like these or know more about the super lovable BDJ Planner, you may visit Till my next post Bellas! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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