Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The newest addition to the Manila Ocean Park's facilities
Manila Ocean Park is one of the places in the Metro that I could never get tired of. First of all, I love the ocean, that it thrills me to see different sea creatures. Second, MOP knows how to share fun in all group ages. And lastly, they never run out of cool things to do or explore about. Especially now that their latest endeavor is to become the leading tech-savvy theme park in the country with the use of the e-wrist tag.
How to use the e-wrist tag
So what is the e-wrist tag if you may ask? It is the Manila Ocean Park's newest tool to share your status or photos in your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter without having to connect your mobile or tablets. How cool is that?

Ready to Aqua Party!
Last April 28, I was invited to the coolest party to beat the summer heat at the Liquid Pool Lounge. It was well attended by bloggers, VIPs and media partners with lots of fun, food and even fashion. We had to wear our best summer outfits and listen to the cool beats during that night.

Inputs :)
At the same time, Manila Ocean Park lets experience the latest technology that I was talking about earlier. The e-wrist tag is their recently acquired innovative IT solution from Europe that are seen in the different popular attractions such as the Oceanarium, Trails to Antartica, Marine Life Habitat, Jellies Exhibit, Liquid Pool and Lounge and Acquatica. By depositing Php100 at the Registration Area, they will give you the baller wrist tag, lets you log in using your social media account, store your Facebook or Twitter information and they will activate the device. 

One of the portals to update your status
During the day, I was able to post a picture using their staff's mobile phone and easily accessed my Facebook Page. When I was partying at the Liquid Pool and Lounge, I just tapped to the portal and it was easily shared to my friends in Facebook. This tool helps by letting you save time time in posting numerous statuses and you get to enjoy the Manila Ocean Park. After all, that's the reason for your visit right? After your trip, you can opt to return the e-wrist tag and get your deposit. 

And I had a real great time with the Musical Fountain Show :D
Aside from posting statuses, students who go to the park for field trips can benefit from the QR (Quick Response) Code. The tool provides information seen in the labels of the attractions. For example, such various types of fishes can be scanned using the QR code and stored in your mobile gadgets. The QR Code consists of square dots arranged on a white background. This code can also access the website of the Manila Ocean Park and browse current promos and events. In that way, you could check out the latest happenings in the integrated resort destination. Manila Ocean Park also lets you connect through your mobiles and tablets with their free high speed Internet. The entire park facility is a Wi-Fi Zone and you can check your emails, share photos instantly and send updates in real time. Now that's connectivity to the highest level!

Summer is definitely not yet over. And especially in Manila Ocean Park, they have proved us that they are truly Your All-Season Holiday Destination. For more details and promotions, visit their website at www.manilaoceanpark.com. See you there and enjoy a deeper experience.


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