Monday, May 21, 2012

Its so thick! :)
For people who know me, they could attest that I am a huge fanatic of Archie Comics. Betty and Veronica became my first best friends when I was in Elementary. Well, aside from Elizabeth and Jessica of Sweet Valley Twins, if I may add. But when it comes to Archie and Friends, the stories are light and I could finish them in one sitting. So I was surprised when I saw The Best of Archie Comics from my officemate Steph, that I immediately bought one for myself.

My Archie comics over the years and more
The Best of Archie features the greatest stories of Archie and Friends over the past 70 years. Its a 400-pager book that shows how Archie and Betty met, how their characters progressed, introduced new people and a peek to the future issues. 

Now I wish I could've had the other issues as well. Being the cheapskate that I am, I would always buy the Double Digest because the price is worth the number of pages/stories. And even if the boyfriend think its silly of me to get so addicted with Archie comics, I told him that I'm saving them for my future kids. It would be so swell for them to know Archie and Friends and learn how to read fun stuff right?

Oh, and when I'm sorting my things, I found my pocketbook version of Archie. I wonder where I can buy those, or if they still sell books like these. It was a gift from a friend from Elementary and I'm not sure if they make copies of these anymore.

Are you an Archie comi-natic too? Share your favorite issue, or even your favorite story. And let us celebrate the 70 wonderful years of Archie and the Gang.



How much is the book and where did you buy it?


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