Sunday, November 27, 2011

If you haven't seen this yet, its all over the cinemas :))
To say that I haven't been a fan of the Twilight Saga is a lie. Yes, I have succumbed to the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle for a year or two. All because of the ex-boyfriend who told me it has the "BEST STORY EVER!" Now I couldn't believe I fell for that. Now watching the movie isn't really bad. I have envisioned the scenes in my head and I guess if you haven't read the book yet, you wouldn't miss that much anyway. You just have to sit back, relax, and get dumbfounded that vampires can get a girl (human) pregnant.

Fast forward to three books about Bella wanting Edward and only him in his life while being smitten by her bestfriend Jacob, Breaking Dawn tells about the wedding of the century. That is, Edward and Bella's after their high school graduation. For a long while, Bella is afraid to age, so she wanted to marry Edward so he could turn her into a vampire and start forever with him. Cheesy, but its her life goal. Mostly like mine, minus the "turning into vampire" part.

You'd think her gown is simple, but the back is LOVE.
What I loved most about the wedding was Bella's wedding gown. A Carolina Herrera creation that's simple at the front, while very sexy on the back. While I'm in for ball gowns, this one is elegant and chic. In an interview by MTV, Herrera said, "I treated [Kristen Stewart's Bella] like every other bride," she admitted. "I think [Stewart] was very moved when she tried it on. And that means a lot, because she felt that it was the right one."

The honeymoon scene was set at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and a deserted island that was owned by the Cullens. Like in the book, it was exactly how I imagined their first night as husband and wife. And yes, the headboard was broken because of Edward's superpowers. 

After two weeks in paradise, Bella discovers she's pregnant and that the half human, half vampire baby sucks all her energy and health. The make-up and graphic artists did well on making Kristen Stewart look like she's going through hell. And when her baby was born, which Jacob intended to kill, because Bella died during childbirth, he suddenly imprints on her so the wolf pack wouldn't touch her. Renesmee is so pretty and will be radiant when she grows up. That, I can't wait for part two.

I loved Bella's face during the honeymoon and when she was regenerating into a vampire. Her make-up is superb! This movie is all about the graphics. I just wish they could have continued with the whole book though.

3.5 out of 5 stars, because nothing beat Eclipse during the fight scenes and Bella's confusion on whether she'll choose Jacob or Edward. :)


nice movie.....i hve seen each of twilight sequel


@What's Latest: I loved the movie because of the graphics, but I think they could do more with it. Perhaps, a better fighting scene among the vampires and the wolf pack :)


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