Saturday, October 22, 2011

Multiply Marketplace
Aside from my blog here in Blogger, I found my second home in As time progresses, I've seen myself buying books, swimsuits and the like at the site. It was the haven for sellers and I always love the featured products that I had so many Multiply Seller friends. And during those days, I had to go to the nearest bank or pay the seller when I meet up with him/her. Today, Multiply Marketplace has reinvented and they now have different payment options and easy ways to buy the products that I want!

Please add my online store:
Two years ago, my then boyfriend and I opened a shop called Hunnies Hive at multiply. During one of my shopping extravaganza, it then popped into my mind to open my own store with the niftiest stuff that fashionable girls would want at a low price. Now I am thinking of reopening it by helping my friend sell her Longchamp Bag online. In the future, I would be posting accessories since Christmas season in just around the corner.

As for the payment options, they have different means now than years before. You can pay directly to the bank, using G-Cash or Paypal. You can even pay directly through Multiply. The stores like and has options where you can purchase their item, pay online, choose how they will ship the items to you and get it in front of your doorstep. Easy right? 

Now I can't wait to re-open my online store. Kudos to Multiply for making it all possible and promote our products easily. With their site, you don't exactly need to be a business major, all you have to do is the idea and mindset to sell and of course, your products. :)

How about you? Did you try online selling too? Post your links at the comment box so I can visit your Multiply stores too! :)


I haven't tried selling online but I also have a Multiply account I used for blogging way back in college. :)


Ako rin! And its under sugarsmile din, but multiply ang handler. Madali kasing magpost. So after college and I was trying to earn money at the same time, I sold accessories to my online friends and everyone in Multiply. tara, let's sell din so we can earn more money for Christmas :))


It's nice that before it used to be a site to upload photos and blog about the event then it transforms to a site to buy and sell goods. Pretty unique stuff and a wide range of goods to choose from. :)


THere's allot of people who are fond on buying online. Minsan kasi we are lazy going to malls pa e.


me too i haven't tried selling stuff. i do also have a multiply account, mostly photos and videos are there.. i do bought some stuff in multiply, there was a time when i was so fond of buying japanese accessories, too bad sari don't sell anymore..


@Luna: Right! :) Multiply is blogger and seller friendly :) All you have to do is to post the pictures of your product and they will promote it na for you. Not only the items are good, but they make it sure that youre transacting with a trusted seller :)

@Anne: I'm one of those people. Minsan kasi its so tiring to go to one shop to the other. With online shopping, were just a click away :)

@Krystle: Halata na were the Multiply generation eh no? :)) Ako naman puro books ang vice ko. Tapos theyre cheap pa because theyre from the States. hehe :)


i have an account in multiply plus i also have blogs there, i was having fun with their website specially on the uploading of photos part i since i love taking pictures, oh well haven't tried visiting since i don't know when, i also can't remember buying stuff but was a regular on checking what's for sale kumbaga window shopping lang haha, maybe i must visit soon... =)


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