Saturday, September 24, 2011

Now I've got the perfect tool for my DIY projects

I am such an obsessive compulsive person. Whenever I see tape marks on walls when I put something at it, I get so worried that I had to fix it immediately. But sometimes, I'm afraid to use tacks because it might ruin my space. Thankfully, 3M Philippines, makers of Post-It® and Scotch® now has reusable tabs for all my decorating problems.

Peeling the covers
 For lightweight mounting, like pictures and not so heavy frames, 3M Philippines introduces its newest innovation, Scotch® Reusable Mounting Products. You just have to peel the front and back liners and your pre-cut, clear, reusable, and removable adhesive is ready for lightweight mounting and re-mounting to maximize available spaces. 

The minute I got this product, I can't wait to use them because I have so many photos that needs tending. What good are they if I can't post them at my workspace right? I just love for people to see them displayed.

Putting the tab at the back of my picture frame
Ms. Haydee Casapao, 3M Office Supplies Sales and Marketing Manager said “We, in 3M, saw the need of the market for a tool that can help maximize space, organize walls and even decorate homes while at the same time, protecting surfaces.  What’s more, this new innovation from Scotch® Brand can be “reused again and again” and can support up to 1lb of weight thereby making it economical, convenient, and eco-friendly”. See? Its perfect for any mounting or project you have to do! 

Voila! Problem solved! Mess free wall is on!
During our conference at Makati, my officemates and I took a picture and now, our smiles are all posted at my wall. I love how Scotch® Reusable Tabs keep the frame in place (and I can even take it off, if I say, have to relocate it.).

Scotch® Reusable Tabs can also be removed easily and you can use it on most flat surfaces like stainless steel, plastic, concrete, glass, wood and painted walls. And the good news is, by cleaning it with water, you can reuse them over and over again, without sacrificing quality.

3M Philippines also offers Reusable Sheets and Tabs to address all the lightweight mounting requirements and the need to adapt to the various changing environments at home, school or work. So what are you waiting for? Get these useful tabs at your favorite bookstore and stationery section now. :)

Source: Brandspeak Asia


This post somewhat reminds me of myself! This is such a great product, 3M just thinks of the best things for office supplies! Thanks for sharing these! - Mar
-Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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Hi Mar! Thanks for liking my post :) I super love 3M products and also their colorful invisible Scotch tapes. Pati Post-it! My trip to the bookstore just isnt complete without buying their useful stuff :)


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