Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Thursday at The Peninsula Manila, Sir Jay of Samsung asked us if we still use a separate monitor even if we already have our laptops. I answered him that since we use a desktop PC at the office, we kind of still do. But then he said that after his presentation, we might want to have a second monitor even if we already have our laptop screens on. And indeed, he was right.

Magic 89.9 DJ Mia Bayuga hosted the Samsung Monitors event at the Presidential Suite of Peninsula Manila and introduced the newest Samsung Monitors that changes the way you view your files, photos, reinvent how you watch your favorite series and change your full gaming experience. They are the Central Station Monitor LC23A750, Multifunction Monitor LT23A350 and the 3D Monitor LS27A950D. And here is how they would change your viewing experience right before your eyes.

The Central Station Monitor LC23A750 is a 23-inch LED Ultimate Hub Monitor that works just like a laptop. It is the world's first Embedded monitor and can easily connect to your gadgets like your laptop, digital camera, gaming consoles and the like. What would you love the most about it? It can connect to your PC without using any wires. You don't need to get tangled, and you could even adjust the position of the screen (even downside, so that it may look like a tablet). It will be available on the market at August of 2011 with the SRP of Php19,990.

Just like Cesca Litton, I need a multi-functional screen where I could blog and watch my favorite Gossip Girl series at the same time. And thankfully, Samsung's Multifunction Monitor LT23A350 has the solution for that. These monitors provide a more distinctive image quality and HD motion videos are crisp to view. It also has True Life-Like sound and uses the most innovative sound solutions. They are affordably priced at Php14,990.

Nowadays, 3D is not just for theaters, but for home viewing as well. And Samsung's 3D Monitor LS27A950D boasts of 27-inch, 3D hyper real engine and its 3D depth with more than 30% brighter images  images provides lesser dizziness. We caught blogger Jayvee Fernandez enjoying his game and loving its 3D output. With a free 3D glasses, you can enjoy playing your action games or even Angry Birds in 3D, says Mr. Eric Sulit, Samsung Electronics IT Director. These awesome 3D Monitors are available in the market at SRP Php31,990.

Samsung has done an incredible breakthrough once again with their computer monitors. With their multi-functional features, they're not just ordinary monitors anymore. These monitors not only connect to our different gadgets, but it fits our lifestyle as well. 

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