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The Pampering Begins at Beauty and Butter San Lazaro
 Office deadlines and reports always stress me out. As a melodramatic, I would always whine that I need all the pampering I could get since I don't always have time for myself. Lucky for me, Beauty and Butter in SM San Lazaro is just a stone throw away from our house, and they made my night the most awesome ever.

Even their interiors are so soothing
Beauty and Butter is located at the 2nd Floor of SM San Lazaro. Everytime my boyfriend and I go to SM, I would always pass by their store because their interiors are colorful and homey. But since we would only stay shortly at the mall, I never had the chance to avail of their services, until last night. 
I so love their huge couch 
Entering the shop, their staff are all friendly and accommodating. As a first time customer, I had to fill up the information sheet and then situated myself at their comfy and spacious couch. They asked me what service would I like to avail and they recommended the Foot Spa with Pedicure (Php500). While at it, I also thought of getting a Manicure (Php180). Anyway, it has been a long while since I had my nails done by a professional.

Free iPad use!
I can even check my blogwhile I relax
While waiting for their assistant to start the foot spa, the receptionist handed me an iPad, free of use. Soaking my feet at the sink with scented liquid soap is love. After a few minutes, she scrubbed my feet and legs and scraped the bottom of my footsies. How patiently she toiled and left my feet soft and smooth. And theyre now dead skin cells free! 
Cleaning my footsies now

Happy Feet!
After putting on cream, she wrapped my feet and relaxed them for a few minutes. I also let go of the iPad since the movie "Just Go With It" was playing at their LCD TV. Beauty and Butter does not only pamper your hands and feet, they also extend their services to different types of Facial (for normal, sensitive and acne prone skin), which ranges from Php250 to Php350, Waxing, Threading, Massage (Full Body Php700, Back Php350) and Nail Art. I keep on thinking that I have to try the Half Legs Waxing (Php500) and the Bye Bye Blemish Facial (Php350) next time I go back.

Different colors of nail polish

Now my feet looks lovely
After taking out the towels, she massaged my feet and they were oh-so-soothing. It wasn't ticklish at all! Seems like I wouldnt want to move them anymore since it felt so relaxed afterwards. Then she proceeded with the pedicure, while one of their staff worked on my manicure at the same time. I felt like a princess because I was so pampered. Then I chose the red SPAritual Vegan nail polish (an additional Php60 if you want them painted to your nails) and they said that those are made of organic materials. Meaning, it wouldnt make my nails cause discoloration, it is eco-friendly, and free of synthetic materials.

These dryers are AWESOME!
Red Nails!
And since I arrived with my flat shoes, I was worried that the nail polish would get ruined. Fortunately, they have these cute dryers so the clumsy me could not tarnish the newly applied polish. Now my nails are definitely idiot-free.

 I'm all smiles after all the pampering experience
Overall, Beauty and Butter gives you the royal treatment you could ever ask for. With their affordable price and great customer service, girls (and even guys) can truly feel refreshed and pampered after you leave their shop. And I can say that I will definitely go back...hopefully SOON! :)

Beauty and Butter's branches are located at SM Megamall, SM San Lazaro and SM Mall of Asia. Check out their array of services at the Beauty and Butter Website or you may check them at the Beauty & Butter Facebook Fan Page. 


thumbs up for beauty and butter's great service! :D

much love,


Yay for Beauty and Butter! :D I super love how accommodating their "buttercups" are :)


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