Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I would take one Chuck Bass any time of the day

I can’t contain myself anymore! Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) is here in Manila to endorse also my favorite brand, Penshoppe.

You heard that right. Penshoppe and PR Asia brought Ed in Philippine shores as their newest face to celebrate their 25th Anniversary and to spearhead the brand’s 2011-2012 campaign and further push their new and revitalized image.

Chuck Bass with PR Asia Worldwide Director, Ms. Joyce Ramirez

Penshoppe also announced that he will be the perfect partner for their image model, Solenn Heusaff. I believe that this is a good move for Penshoppe since Ed is so fashionable and stylish. I remember during Gossip Girl’s Season 1, he was known for his scarf. At the last season, Chuck Bass’ style became of a young professional’s yet stylish as well. He was the best dressed guy among the Gossip Girl boys, in my opinion.

I’m so excited! Please Penshoppe, I wanna see the mighty Chuck Bass. I can’t wait to see him into Philippine covers, posters and billboards soon! A Press Conference is brewing a Private Party on June 2 is in the works and a 4-day shoot starts on Saturday, June 4.

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