The Videoke Queen Strikes Her Luck

Yes, I would grab the mic at any time :P

In our house, I am such the Videoke Queen. During special occasions, my Tita Pin would wait for me to set up our Wow Videoke and we would sing until the wee hours of the morning. Yup, that's how my family is so addicted to singing. And when the bloggers held their first Karaoke Night courtesy of KWC Philippines, I signed up real quick. After the contest, I bagged second place and was so over the moon about it.

Yay! Passport to the daily trial!

And then one day, Ms. Ana Porto announced that 10 Daily Trial Passports are about to be sponsored by Wow Videoke. So I signed up again so I could try my luck at a singing contest. You see, when I were in college, I tried joining the UST - AB Singing Contest in 4th Year and was part of the Circle of 25. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to go to the Finals after that. And I guess my yearning to join singing contests ceased because of it.

But anyway, if you happen to get interested in joining KWC's Daily Trials, you can avail of the passport by buying WOW Videoke Products in music stores and malls around Metro Manila.

Just so you know, all my favorite numbers are in my trial number :P

Once there, you will get to register your details so they can identify if you are qualified to join the Karaoke World Championship. You can go over the qualifications here. Then they will let you practice in their cute Videoke booths and they'll take a photo of you too! :)

After a brief introduction of your name and what city you're representing, you can sing your chosen piece, of course, with a videoke and judges in front you. Then afterwards, they will interview you for a rundown on your KWC experience.

How would I rate myself? Well, my performance was a bit edgy since I was already sick before I even scheduled the trial. But I say kudos to myself for trying. After all, I became a blogger because I wanted to try new experiences and adventures, and KWC made it possible for me to join something this big.

Will I do it again? Hopefully, I'm praying that I get into the Weekly Trials, but if not, I can always try next year. Maybe 2012 is my lucky year. And remember, always reach for your dreams. If someone tells you that you don't sing well, just practice until you get better. Who knows, you can be the first Karaoke Champion who can represent our country all over the world.

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  1. great write up, ria. do try again next year. i am sure you will be so much better by then. thank you for supporting KWC!

  2. Thanks Ms. Cris! I would definitely join again. And practice more muna. :) Matagal tagal na rin kasing hindi nakakanta in front of a panel hehe. :D Mejo nakakakaba pala yung feeling.

    Yes, I will always support KWC because I love singing and music :)

  3. When there is a birthday party, town fiesta, baptismal, or any occasion worth celebrating, it is not complete without videoke. Even in holidays or in Sundays, videoke is the way for recreation paired with some little drinks. That's our way in the Philippines.


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