Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Its GREEN and its yummy! The Krispy Kreme Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut is finally here! Its Jelly-cious, you wouldn't want any other doughnut again. :)

It was a challenging Saturday for me when I asked the boyfriend to buy me the Green Lantern Kreme doughnut that I saw from Chloe's plurk post last Friday. When we went to Trinoma, they advised us that it was unavailable and to come back in a few hours. But of course, I couldn't wait anymore. I decided that we should check out Krispy Kreme in SM City North EDSA and found it! And that time, they only had two of these babies left. So lucky, lucky me!

The Green Lantern Kreme doughnut consists of rich chocolate dough iced and made with Hershey's Milk Chocolate. It is powdered with sugar and filled with green jelly at the center, just like The Green Lantern. I've never tasted one before that I just had to get it, no matter what the cost :P

Enjoy your Green Lantern Kreme doughnut at your nearest Krispy Kreme branch. Its the closest thing to Green Lantern as the movie opens on cinemas June 16, 2011.


Nice looks yummy! We were treated with Krispy Kreme donuts last night at the office.. sana eto inorder nila.. :D


yay looks good yumms!:))


@Ruth: Yes! Its really yummy. I enjoyed the green jelly very much. :)

@wickeRmoss: Get one now so you could taste it! :)


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