Thursday, May 12, 2011

My ticket to "fasyon"

May 11, 2011, the third day of the Philippine Fashion Week features Anne Curtis as the model for Lyle Ibanez and Yvonne Quisumbing’s creations. Sponsored by L’Oreal Paris Philippines for the Total Hair Repair 5 product, the three dresses that were modeled by Anne Curtis were all in red (one of Lyle Ibanez, one of Yvonne Quisumbing and the last one, a dress that combines both designers).

Anne Curtis ramps at the catwalk wearing red

The models wearing Lyle Ibanez's creations

Lyle Ibanez’s creations were mostly in black, while some are glittery and striking to the eye. Some of the models look gothic. Something like Taylor Momsen would wear in her latest Gossip Girl stint.

Elegant outfits from Yvonne Quisumbing

On the other hand, Yvonne Quisumbing features elegant outfits that are best worn for an evening shindig. They’re mostly made of silk and they all look comfortable to wear. Her play of colors is classic yet graceful.

My first time to attend the Philippine Fashion Week

Many thanks to L’Oreal Paris Philippines for the invites to the Philippine Fashion Week. It was my first time to attend said event and I enjoyed seeing models strut the runway. I even made a new blogger friend, Glenn. ( What other fashion shows will you be attending? The Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 shows until May 15.


i think i saw you last night :)) followed you dear!:))


Hahaha really? I was lurking there lang naman. :D Followed you too. Hope to meet you personally soon :D


Nice to meet you Ria. One day of meeting you I knew your good, kind and very bubbly in person. Keep smiling. Take care and see you soon and any next event :)


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