Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In a world where only two creatures exist, Man and Vampire, PRIEST is a sci-fi thriller that will make your hearts leap with its extreme action, a modern and futuristic location and a stimulating plot. Priest (Paul Bettany) is one of the legendary warrior priests that survived the vampire war. When the city was ruled by the Church and last of the vampires were believed to be locked in a place where they couldn’t escape, a group of much more powerful vampires seized his niece, Lucy (Lily Collins).

Hoping that Lucy is not yet infected, Priest turned away from the Church for no one believed that vampires still lurk around them. Prepared and able to meet his greatest enemy, he was then joined by Hicks (Cam Gigandet), Lucy’s wasteland sheriff boyfriend, together with a former Warrior Priestess (Maggie Q). Will he save his niece from the monstrous creatures and prevent her to be one of them? Or will he be summoned to die with the new breed of vampires that was far stronger than the ones they battle? Priest is directed by Scott Charles Stewart.

Fight scenes and vampires. Priest is a combination of The Matrix meets Twilight (And yeah, James, who’s a Twilight vampire, is now a slayer! Ironic isn’t it?). The Priestess’ moves are like Trinity of The Matrix. What I enjoyed most about the movie are the encounters of Priest with the new breed of vampires. They all look like aliens but rather forceful. The train scene was also groundbreaking. Black Hat (Karl Urban) proved to be an irritating villain and he enjoys being one.

Priest, is somehow a predictable movie. You can easily tell their emotions and why they would go through the entire quest, even if it seems tedious. The ending left the audience hanging, telling us an installment is in the works. But will I watch Priest again? Maybe, if they add more interesting cast members in the future plot.


Hi Ria, Thanks sa Review...:D


Hi Don, youre welcome. Hope you'd enjoy watching the movie too :)


didn't read through coz it might have spoilers haha :P


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