Friday, April 29, 2011

This girl doesn't have time for haters, so from now on, my blog will be all things nice and pretty. :) I don't need your hate comments, so just save it for yourself. And if there's one thing you did good, well, you made me wary of posting in my PERSONAL SITE. Though, it came to my understanding that you need a refresher about blogs. Kindly note that blogs are supposed to be informal, awesome and informative. So if you cant find anything but hate in my site, I suggest you just find others that are worthwhile of your time. Okay?

Back to the regular awesome post, I have been so busy these past few days because of my job and my freelance work, that I haven't relaxed for a while. Fortunately, RCBC Plaza has a TOMATO Outlet and they're on sale! I bought these pretty sandals (picture above) for only Php500. They're so gorgeous that I can't wait to use it for the weekend. These lovelies also come in white and perfect with your summer dresses.

Tomato Outlet Store is located at 3/F, RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave., Makati City


that's a nice pair ;) sorry to hear about your hater/s! tskkk :|


Hi Hazel,

Thanks! theyre pretty no? I didnt think twice na nga after I saw it. Hehe. Haay, I dont wanna get affected by that hater anymore. He/she can comment all she wants, for all I care :P As of myself, Im just happy that some of you guys like my posts :) And I get to write more about my adventures and misadventures :P


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