Monday, January 10, 2011

No, I didnt turn Amazing Race-ish, but my girlfriends Kara and Khamz experienced the Chinatown frenzy that afternoon. Last year, the two wanted to go there to scour something to make them lucky in the career and love life department, so I volunteered to take them there since I pretty much live nearby. :D

First Stop: Kuang Kong Buddhist Temple

Last year, my friend Malyn introduced us to that place. I wished for a special someone and it came true. Part of me visited it again to say thanks, and the other for Jeff's dilemma to finally be over. We used the wooden blocks that were said to answer yes or no to your questions. Two blocks facing back answers "No", One block facing front and the other backwards says "Yes", while two blocks facing front means the God of War is laughing at your question. We all first thought it was the other way around, but one Feng Shui expert told us that those above follows.

Next Up: Charms and Lucky Symbols in Chinatown

After checking out from one store to another, we went to one Feng Shui Store along Salazar Street. The store was crowded so we thought that maybe the Feng Shui expert, Johnson Chua, must be really good. When it was Kara's turn, we were convinced. And he doesn't charge for the readings. He recommended an Aquamarine and Rose Quartz charm bracelet for love. I guess its better to buy those in specialty feng shui stores because they bless them first and even customize them, according to your needs.

Food Trip Galore!

What is Chinatown without Chinese Style Food? For us, we tried Happy Delicious Kitchen along Benavidez Street. Had three-in-one meals for only P130. It was a satisfying meal, considering that we've walked around Chinatown for hours.

But what intrigued me the most are the cherry flavored sodas. The Cherry Coke was absolutely delicious. The 7-Up has anti-oxidants. But they are both my favorite now. I think I should have bought lots of it.

Along the way, we also bought Hello Kitty Gummy Candies, Pocky and Hello Pandas. And of course, Eng Bee Tin, where we had the sumptuous Hopia Ube in town. But I think my friends enjoyed taking pictures more. :D

Here's to friendships and more adventures this year. And its just January, I can't wait to discover more places again. I'm pretty sure it'll be a fun-filled year and more.

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