Sunday, January 23, 2011

"There are no small jobs, just small people"-- Lemuel Gulliver.

New York Times mailroom clerk Gulliver (Jack Black) is your everyday ordinary guy, with small aspirations. When he has worked for the same job for many years, he also fancies the same girl whom he doesnt even dare speak to. His insecurities were eaten up inside the mailroom that he considers his only kingdom.

As an "all talk and no move" person, he was pushed to apply for a writing job when he was trying to impress Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet), the travel editor whom he has a crush on for years. Plagiarizing travel sites, he landed on the job and was assigned to the Bermuda Triangle as his first project.

When he thought that he was sailing smoothly at sea, a hurricane engulfed him into Liliput, the land of the small people. As they considered him a giant, he was taken into prison but impressed the townspeople and the Royal Family when he saved the King Benjamin's (Bill Connoly) life. He was even friends with Horatio (Jason Segel), whom he helped in winning Princess Mary's (Emily Blunt) affection.

He tried fooling the people of Liliput and was having the grandest time, but then General Edward (Chris O'Dowd), could not accept that Gulliver was being loved. So he connived with rival kingdom and made a powerful robot to imprison Gulliver again and make him disappear to the "Land where no one dare go". But when Horatio followed him to tell that Darcy was held captive of General Edward, Gulliver must make the move to protect his own princess.

Will the more-talk less-action guy finally come to his senses? And will he be able to finally stand up on his own heroic self? Watch Gulliver's Travel and laugh along the crazy antics of this Big Guy.

Prepare to feel awesome after watching this movie. The film isnt at all complicated, the storyline is priceless and who would ever thought that someone as hot as Amanda Peet could look good with Jack Black? But the lesson of this film is getting what you really want and striving hard for it. 5 Stars for this comedic masterpiece.

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