Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Its November once again! And less than two months before the year ends. So what better way to start the new year? A NEW PLANNER that brings out the bella in you, discounts and promos all year round and one that organizes your schedule and basically your life.

Since 2008, I have been a fan of the Belle De Jour Power Planner. When I was browsing through a Cosmopolitan Magazine, they advertized the same planner and it caught my attention. I thought, I had to get that ASAP! From then on, I've had the same planner every year. And they never disappoint because its stylish, useful and a great value for your money.

Through the years, Belle de Jour never fails to amaze me. The 2011 Planner's pages are all colorful and it makes you wanna write on it already. My friend, Khamz and myself are looking forward to the next year so we could already use it. We have also coordinated on how to style it (even more) and make sure that we wouldn't easily ruin it, just like we did to our 2010 planner.

But did you know what makes BDJ Planners so incredible? They have 72 discount coupons from establishments nationwide. And now, they also included the BDJ Lifestyle Card, which you can use for the whole year. Isn't that so swell?

For just P598, (and I hear discounts are still up for the taking), this planner will definitely change your life. So what are you still waiting for? Order online now by clicking the link below:

Enjoy your planner bellas! Now my planner makes me hyped for 2011!

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