Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Thursday, October 28, I was able to secure myself an invite to TRON Night, a sneak preview of the upcoming Tron Legacy movie this December 17, shown at IMAX theaters nationwide. The event was held by Walt Disney Studios Philippines and it was a superb IMAX experience once again.

Tron Night preview shows a 20-minute screening from the movie Tron Legacy. Presenting the important scenes that comprises the movie, Sam's discovery of TRON, the fight scenes (or disc wars as they defined) and search for his long lost father.

Defining the movie in IMAX was superb because when their vehicles zoom on the IMAX screen, you can almost feel that you're part of the show. The disc wars' effects was so inviting that you would wanna play one too.

Thanks to Peanut Butter Co. too for the sumptuous food. I never loved peanut butter but this one definitely tickled my taste buds. Also a performance from the New System Dancers, who wore caps with blinking lights and glow sticks capped the program.

Catch Tron Legacy on December 17 on IMAX theaters near you and discover the legacy that will take you great heights and action packed scenes that is definitely interactive and cutting edge.

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