Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My Nokia C3 happens to break down during the weekend. And because I was so impatient, the irritated girl in me pressed the “RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS” then and there just so my phone would go back to normal. Bad move.

Bye bye for a few days..

Unfortunately for me, the system has gone bonkers. So I immediately rushed to the Nokia Care Center at Megamall to have my baby fixed. Of course, I’m close to getting mad because it is new and yet have been defective already.

After two days, they informed me that my phone is already okay. So last night, I finally got my unit, and since it was still covered by the 12 months warranty, I paid nothing! They have finally upgraded my phone’s system and its back to normal.

How I missed you baby! :D

Kudos to the Nokia Care Center staff at Megamall. Their customer care representatives are approachable and the service is speedy. And as a customer, I must say that I’m quite satisfied and delighted.

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