Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I've always loved DKNY's Be Delicious scents. When I first got hold of DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom (Limited Edition), I swear I couldn't leave home without it. The bottle is an eye-candy for me. Even my friends loved the scent and the design.

When I found out that I could design my own DKNY bottle, I couldn't help but make one myself. I made a base of pink because its my favorite color, put up a "DIVA" sign, because singing is one of my passions, designed it with cupcakes and cream pies because sweets are the most delicious thing on Earth. My design suits with my personality --Bubbly, Sweet, Girly and most of all, Fabulously Delicious! And just so you know, any DKNY girl can attest to these traits.

Supermodel Lara Stone and Be Delicious are both seductive and approachable, sweet and sophisticated


Five years ago, DKNY took the design of apple for their bottles as the universal symbol of seduction, as well as the icon of the famous New York City and bottled it with love, just like hearts. And as apples have the juiciest and irresistible scent, DKNY Be Delicious decided to take its fragrance as their signature line and was loved by the public immediately. Soon after, the Be Delicious were perfected not just for women, but also for men who loves its delectable scent.

Be Delicious Apple Bottle

Just this month, Be Delicious Eau De Toilette Spray was introduced-- a lighter, brighter and more refreshing juicy American apple note surrounded by the crisp green wetness of grapefruit and magnolia. At the heart lies tuberose, white muget, rose and shining violet, finished with smooth sandalwood, blond woods and white amber.

As DKNY Be Delicious turned FIVE YEARS OLD, it is now considered as New York City's "State of Mind", a way of life and a promise of what could be. Made especially for the MODERN EVE, DKNY Be Delicious is for the spirited, spontaneous and naturally sexy. And most of all, it is for the SIMPLY DELICIOUS.


DKNY Fragrances specifically made a new-on-the-pulse digital social community for the DKNY Fan -- THE DELICIOUS CORE CLUB. It is an interactive page where you can enter to connect and talk with the fellow DELICIOUS fans. By entering the Delicious Core Club, you can also design your own Be Delicious Bottle, whatever suits your fancy and input your personal style. The Delicious Core Club will also launch the "Find Your Style Profile", Core Gal Interviews, Fragrance Notes Lookbook, etc. You can join the club by liking http://www.facebook.com/dkny

DKNY is ripe for love, life and adventure. And just like the modern eve's persona, its a no-holds- barred, SIMPLY DELICIOUS scent that you will forever love.

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