Saturday, October 09, 2010

One Love, FMCC

Francis Magalona is one of the Philippines' unforgettable icon. His music, movies, and even photography was admired by many. But his last endeavor before he left this lifetime, the FRANCIS MAGALONA CLOTHING COMPANY will continue to flourish, even if he already joined his Creator.

Francis M's movies

Awards and memorabilia

Clothes during his stint

Last October 4, also FM's birthday, marked the 4th Anniversary of the birth of Urban Patriotism themed, "Filipinize the Whole World", that ran until the 8th of the month. Held at the Outerspace Gallery at The Collective, Malugay St., Makati City, an exhibit of Francis M's artifacts, films, photography and awards were shown to the public.

More awards all throughout the years

His humongous toy collection

Who wouldn't envy his comic collection? Which some are signed copies

Francis M's Photography

On the last day of the event, I was able to attend and see the exhibit through Orange Magazine TV. Not only did I got more acquainted with Francis M's works, but we seem to look into his personal life, his hobbies, and even the people he loves the most. I even got the chance to see his kids, Maxene, Elmo and Saab, and his wife Pia Magalona, who were all present during the special night. Gloc 9 and Dice & K9 also joined the affair.

Mitch and I with Maxene :)

Bloggers with Elmo Magalona

The girls and Geri with Gloc 9

The night was capped off with a gig at B-Side with performances from Gloc 9, Pin Ups, DJ Rye, J-Rad, MC Dash with Elmo Magalona and The Mags.

Rappin' the night away

The night has been a celebration of Francis M's success and telling the Filipinos that his legacy still lives.

Thanks to Orange Magazine TV, Jeman Villanueva and Azrael Coladilla for the special bloggers' invite and the FMCC shirts that we all enjoyed.

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