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When I was younger, my family and I would always go to Baguio every year. But everytime I go there, I would always experience different things. Like when my childhood friends Joy, Anne, Stephanie and Shasha went there with our Moms and our siblings, it ice-like water rained from the sky. I also played my first game of UNO cards (care of Jayson), and we friends had heart to heart talks about our lives.

Now that were older, we don’t tag along with our Moms anymore. So I dragged my boyfriend and my friends Mench and Alvin for a weekend trip to Baguio. And despite the storm Megi (Juan) coming with us to the Northern part of the Philippines, we still went. Rain or no rain.

Yep, its uber sunny in Baguio

Jeff fetched me at around 4AM. After picking me up, we went to Ortigas to get Mench. But we were there a little early so we decided to roam around Emerald Avenue first to see the craze about Banchetto. Mench and Shang would always insist I join them but I haven't had time to do so. But nothing tickled my boyfriend's fancy so we just parked in front of her condominium and waited for her. At 5:15, we were cruising along EDSA. By 11AM, a sunny but chilly Baguio City was waiting for us.

And because the four of us were already starving, and we didn't go to any stopovers (except when someone has to go to the rest room), we had our lunch at SM Baguio, the only SM where air-conditioning is not necessary and much colder outside the premises.

Nice right?

We stayed at North Pine Transient House located at 117 Scout Barrio, Baguio City, just passing by a few minutes to Camp John Hay. At first, we had a little trouble locating it but I guess being lost was worth it.

Our room has a view of the pine trees

For Php550/night/2 persons, it was quite a deal for me. The room was spacious enough for me to move, they have their own CR in each room, you can also use the refrigerator and when you look outside the veranda, hundreds of pine trees will feast into your eyes. The neighborhood was quiet and intimate. And just what I was looking for because I needed a rest. And much-awaited one at that. :D

After mass, because we got there safe and sound

After settling down, we decided to rest first because we all had a sleepless night. I'm not sure if its because of excitement, or were just used to sleeping late. At 4PM, we decided to go down the city. Because we had a safe drive, I insisted we go to Baguio Cathedral to pray. Good thing, an anticipated mass was ongoing, so we didn't have to go to church the next day anymore.

Mongolian Love

By dinnertime, By suggested we eat at this quaint Mongolian restaurant near Burnham Park named O' Mai Khan. I remember when we went to Baguio during Panagbenga last year, Jenny told me about the eat-all-you can Mongolian resto. I found out that By and her are talking about the same thing.

Fresh from Baguio City!

While Mench and Alvin ate ala carte dishes served by the restaurant, By and I tried the Mongolian-All-You-Can, where you would put all your desired toppings in a bowl and they would fry it for you. And it only costs Php195! Unlike the Mongolian resto downstairs our office. Well we have to consider that Baguio vegetables costs less than in Manila.

After dinner, we roamed around hoping to catch Ukay Ukay vendors but sadly, the rain poured mildly so we just headed home to rest.

Day 2: Tiring it up the whole day

Thanks for the wonderful six months By! :D

After breakfast, we went downtown again so we could buy thingies that our families made us buy. I didn't buy strawberries at the market anymore because I know we'd go to Strawberry Farm anyway. We all decided to meet at McDonald's at 11AM so we could concentrate on the things we needed to buy. Then after a few minutes, he gave me the prettiest bouquet of roses I've ever received. :)

Pink Horse!

After all's been set, we all went to Mines View Park, one of Baguio's hot spots. Saw a pink horse, where I specifically asked to take a picture with, for Php10 per shot. Alvin and Mench took theirs with the two St. Bernard dogs which are fluffy and friendly. Their looked like stuffed toys.

Overlooking the mountains

Finally! Strawberry taho. :D

Then of course, we just had to take a shot at the picturesque mountain view. The mountains are so green and lovely. They are so soothing to look at. When we went outside the park, a vendor of Strawberry Taho called us. Baby insisted I buy one since I was craving for it since day one. For Php20, I was quite satisfied.

The First Couple? LOL

Great Jumpshot By!

After Mines View, we went to The Mansion and Wright Park. Too bad, going inside the place was off limits. So we just took pictures at the lawn. Mench even wanted to take a picture near "THE MANSION" name but we told her that she should keep off the grass. What a riot!

Styrofoam Packed Strawberries, FTW!

We then headed to La Trinidad to visit the Strawberry Farm. Unfortunately, they just planted strawberries so we couldn't pick fresh ones from the ground. The vendors are also selling the remaining harvested strawberries for fear that the typhoon might come already. The boys went out trying the wines and bought whatever suits their taste.

We are still kids at heart

After Strawberry Farm, we went to By's Dad's school at LNBC. The kids went playing even if the rain started to fall. When we got tired, we settled on having our early dinner at Jack's Restaurant.

Jack's Beef Broccoli is to die for!

Jack's Restaurant is a staple at Benguet. Because their meals are sumptuous and their servings are big enough, visitors come and go. I believe people loves taking their lunch there on weekends. I guess were just lucky that few diners were there that time. They have rice meals that costs Php70 and up. I had my fill of Beef Broccoli, while the three had Jack's Rice, a serving of chicken, pork and vegetables. I went out of the restaurant full and happy. :)

At 6PM, we went to the house again to rest. By and I played dominoes and UNO cards while Mench and Alvin retired for the day. And because boyfriend and I aren't that tired yet, we drove around Baguio City at night. We went to SM Baguio first and thought of watching a movie. But it was boring and it was so hot inside, so we decided to just walk along Session Road.

We went to Burnham Park but it was so dark and the rain started to fall lightly. So we took the car from SM and drove around again. In the dark. Went to Teacher's Camp, Lourdes Grotto, Camp John Hay and other places that almost got us lost. But I told him that anywhere we go to, we'll just end up to one place, SM BAGUIO. :P

Day 3: Typhoon Juan is Coming

By and I woke up before 7AM and the wind is starting to sweep the pine trees again. He asked us if we should leave immediately before the typhoon starts coming to Baguio. Good thing were all packed up in case we needed to leave already because our folks at home are worried about us.

Thank God we left Baguio in time before Juan hits the North

Leaving quickly, we said goodbye to our beloved Baguio at 8AM. We are cruising Pangasinan by 10AM. Then the typhoon went havoc by the afternoon.

And you know what, it was indeed a lucky, lucky trip. :) God never intended to make us feel harmed. And that, we all have to be thankful of.

Can't wait for another road trip with By again. Thanks for your patience and for the trip itself. It was the best monthsary I ever had. :)

Now where to go next? So many places to discover! :D


Hello. How do you make reservations with this North Pines Transient House? Would you have a contact number? Thanks for the tips in your trip report.


Hi Fred, you can check their site at :)


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