Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My birthmonth has given me greats I never thought would happen. Last August, I was talking to my friends that I haven’t been to much events yet and there are a lot of things that I wanted to experience before or after I turn 25. Well, things are doing great so far.

Here's the ticket to the WILD SIDE!

Yesterday, I found out that I won two invites to the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, happening tomorrow at the World Trade Center. There’s gonna be boys, boys and a lot of boys in the venue. Something parents and boyfriend would not approve of, but I told them that I’d go with a friend who’s fixing her broken heart. I immediately thought of Kara because I know she needs a lot of distraction she can get during this time. Fortunately for me, Jeff understood and he even volunteered to take me home afterwards. Know what Baby, even if there’s a lot of guys in the event, you would still be the NUMBER ONE COSMO HUNK for me. :P

Its a supa-supa-September!

Last July, I found out that a four-in-one concert will happen in the Philippines. I told boyfriend about it, but he said that he’s not much of a fan of the featured artists. Fortunately for me this morning, as I was checking my Twitter account, Magic 89.9 announced that they will be giving out SUPAFEST 2010 tickets in a few minutes. So I tuned in and tweeted the right answer…in time! So I just won two tickets for September 18 at the Mall of Asia concert grounds featuring T-Pain, Flo-Rida, Kelly Rowland and Sean Kingston.

Oh and just in time for me and my boyfriend’s fifth monthsary. Isn’t it just lucky? An instant date with my favorite guy and my favorite artists.

I can't wait to attend these events. I may be super hectic, but at least I'm super happy! :D

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