Monday, September 20, 2010

Four Artists and more than four hours of non-stop excitement took place at the MOA Concert grounds last September 18 during the SUPAFEST 2010. Thanks to Magic 89.9, I got the chance to witness the hype of the concert with boyfriend.
The event started with performances from Young JV, local RnB artist.

First up the stage was Sean Kingston, who performed Take You There, Fire Burning, Beautiful Girls and more of his other songs from his new album. He was then followed by Kelly Rowland, doing an intro of her hit song, Dilemma. The crowd was joining her as she sing “I love you and I need you, MANILA, I love you, I do, need you”. Rowland also performed Destiny’s Child hits such as Survivor, Independent Women and Emotions. Then everyone went wild when she sang her new single “Commander” and ended her performance with a rendition of “Clocks” by Coldplay.

After a short break, T-Pain wowed his viewers by singing The Good Life, Drop It, etc. And it felt good going back to 2009 as he sang “Bartender”.

Last, but definitely not the least, Flo-Rida set the stage on mayhem as he did his first song, “In the Ayer”. The crowd went wild again as he sang Low, Right Round, Sugar and Elevator. It was indeed a special day for him too, as he was celebrating his birthday that day. When we thought the show was getting boring, he hyped the crowd again by singing “Club Cant Handle Me”, his newest and probably his most popular song this season.

Florida’s treat to his viewers are performances from Git Fresh, artists of “Booty Music” and Lil Brianna, strutting her stuff with “Walk Like a Diva”.

Supafest 2010 was supa, supa, fabulous indeed. It was exciting, the stage was jam-packed and the crowd went home singing the songs that were performed by the four artists. It was a special night indeed. I’m so glad I got to experience it.

Here’s to more concerts this year! Hope I’d end 2010 with a blast!

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