Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As Apple continues to cause worldwide frenzy with every new product launch, the Philippines waits for its turn to pounce on the gadget giant’s latest wonder toy – The ipad. The sleek and sexy gadget is every techno geek’s dream. It comes lighter and smaller than a laptop but gives you more screen size than a phone. The 3.5 pound portability comes with a 10 hour battery life and loading time faster than you can say “I want one”.

Dubbed as the “best way to consume media”, the ipad is perfect for watching videos, storing your favorite photos, listening to songs, reading a book, magazine or newspaper and of course, playing games. The features don’t end with couch potato benefits. The ipad can also actively improve your artistic skills with applications like a sketchbook and music composing and editing.

Even your culinary skills are given a boost by using the ipad as a recipe box. Frustrated computer programmers will get their itch scratched as the ipad allows them to create their own applications with their friends.

The world will soon get their hands on the 2nd generation ipad. Sadly, the Philippines still has to get its fill of the 1st generation units.

This will all change on September 15, 2010. As countless citizens continue obsessing over getting the sexy bodies that they want, their biggest ally, Del Monte Fit n Right flies in the sexy gadget of their dreams. 90 ipad units will be given away for free in a month long promo. 3 winners everyday for a month will be able to win. The mechanics will be even simpler than an ipad interface. All you would need to do is keep getting slim and sexy with Fit n Right, scratch the bottle to get a code and text it to 2989. For more details on this really hot promo, just visit or text FNR to 2989.

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