Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Eclipse is the third book to the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. After its opening day, BPI 24/7 staged a block-off screening at Greenbelt 3 to further introduce the Internet-based BPI Express Mobile, where you can access your transactions with the power of your thumb. Very easy, isn't it?Thanks to BPI 24/7, Marist Nagera and my friend, Karch, I got to watch one of the most awaited movies this year.

Now I've read the whole series and Eclipse is actually my favorite book out of the four. I don't know if its because of the fighting scenes that were formed inside my head while reading the book or the fact that the Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle grew much, much deeper. In the movie, they concentrated about the newborn vampires, history of the other Cullens (Rosalie and Jasper), the fight scenes among the Cullens and the clan that Victoria tried to create just so she could seek revenge for James.

What I love most about the movie was how they presented Jacob (Taylor Lautner) to be very obnoxious regarding Bella's (Kristen Stewart) feelings for him. They might have rubbed too much arrogant lotion to Jacob's bare abs, but it it made Bella decide who she really loves. That Bella is still human and is now facing a very difficult choice, to be a vampire and be with the one she loves the most, Edward (Robert Pattinson), or stay human and pick Jacob, where she doesn't need to change. And that personally bit me.

The fight scenes were great. Riley Briers (Xavier Samuel) is good looking, that I wanna be bitten by him. I feel bad about Bree Tanner (Jodelle Ferland) though, because she looks like someone is afraid of what's gotten into her and was forced to fight for something she doesn't know about.

Four and a half stars, and not because of Jacob's abs, or Edward's sparkly skin. I prefer Bella's dilemma and how she faced it. Now I'm more excited of Breaking Dawn and how Renesmee would look like. :D

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