Monday, June 28, 2010

I was ready to say goodbye...

I was ready to throw away the almost two months of memories.

But then, he isn't. he couldn't, he wouldn't.

With his hope that I still love him, he went running back. Thinking he could not move on, his love prevailed and promised that he will do everything to make it it alright. For the past three weeks, he's been proving that its worth it. That we are worth it. That we are infinite.

That someday, the trials that were experiencing now will be something to laugh about in the future. That the songs that were singing now will give meaning to our happy ending. And maybe, if fate permits us, our favorite word from now on is SOON.

Met his Dad last Saturday. He said, "Eto ba yung mamanugangin ko? Akala ko photogenic ka lang, mas maganda ka pala sa personal. Lagi ka ngang binibida ni Jeff eh, ikaw na talaga yung gusto niya." He brought me to their Church. And I felt good that he's so proud of taking me there. He met my parents yesterday, and although it will be a huge fight, I know that its worth it in the end. It will be because the signs are pointing out that we should be together.

We also met Mela last Thursday, and she was so happy that I finally found someone who she thinks is best for me. That she said it will be something worth it in the end. She thinks that were soulmates. And by far, I think he really is.

Because of the trials that we experienced, it actually made me stronger. I never thought that things can change in a snap of a finger, but I'm actually psyched it made me a better person. And I'm even more thankful that I have friends who were there to support me and love me. If not for them, I will still be broken.

And to my soul sister Mench, thank you for all the things that you have done for Jeff and I. You believed in us when I'm ready to give up, and you never failed to be my shoulder to cry on.

...On to the next chapter of my life. It will be like a roller-coaster all right, but this is one nerve-wrecking, but the best-est ride of all.

Definitely, Maybe. <3<3<3

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