Thursday, May 06, 2010

Things have been so busy the past month that I havent been the frequent chronicler that I was. Good thing have come my way and I'm just so ecstatic in what will happen in the next days/months.

Kami na!!! :)

After three months of searching for Mr. Right, I finally found, no let me rephrase that, he finally found me! :D Last April 18, MJ and I turned a day. Hehehe. Seriously now, I was supposed to do something before I say yes. But then he spoiled the eve of 18, that I had to resort to the back-up plan. Though, I'm not really sorry because the night I said yes, the skies paved its way to put a million stars for us to witness. And I've never been happier. :)


How about you? What's your story?

Before I said yes to him, we were out watching "Date Night" at the Mall of Asia. Told him that I needed to watch the movie because Leighton Meester has a cameo in it. But it turned out that we both loved watching Steve Carell's antics instead and Mark Wahlberg's abs, too add.

He even said that he was touched when the investigator asked, "What's Your Story?". When I asked him the same question, I was more in love with him because he just confessed his love. So sweet.


I can do this. I'm freakin' superwoman!

Now I'm not under Loans, but in Cross-selling already. The company is thriving to different directions and my new boss, Ms. Valerie is seated under her post where she needs a counterpart to do her reports when she's not here at Tektite. To be honest. I never want to get transferred in the first place. I abhor the sight of spreadsheets because I enjoyed my events, I loved my car displays and stuff, and I dislike being stuck inside the cubicle all day long. But I'm trying so hard to strive. I need to prove them that I don't usually give up just like that.


My Baby with his friends, Carlos, Japz and Shoti doing their signature pose

Last week, he dragged me to Antipolo because his friend's son is celebrating its first birthday. Good thing I was feeling much better during the afternoon that its okay to join him and his college friends. Thank God they were all funny and it doesn't feel awkward at all. Cam, Faith, Chistian, Carlos, Japs and Jamie are nice to be with. There never was a dull moment, especially when they were telling stories about their other friends and their college adventures. Now I can't wait to hang out with them again. :)

Separated at birth? Eden? Tell me the truth! :P

And since he made me meet his friends, I took the chance for him to meet mine too. Since it was a holiday last Monday, Eden, Jervee, MJ and I went to Shang's house for an all-tagalog movie marathon. It was a blast. And we were mocking Kim Chiu's movie lines, just for fun.

Hope this'll not give me nightmares all week.

Now, HELLO MAY! I hope you'd be as exciting as April. Just like later, Karch and I will be watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Its been so long since I've seen a horror film. Now this is interesting. Thanks to Azrael for the movie premiere invite.

Have a happy month ahead everyone!


yihiii! kakilig naman! :)


Hehehe. thanks ms. cris! :)


don't call me ms...cris na lang hehe...i feel so old e hahaha


hehehe sure sure :)


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