Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I think I'm fallin' for him...

I am always the girl who puts her heart on her sleeve, but not much of a risk taker when it comes to life. I loved how I plan things before everything gets out of hand. Like Blair watching old films over and over again, I like to see things exactly how its supposed to end up.

These past few days, dating has been so much fun that my friends are worried that I might be getting smitten with this guy I'm seeing. They were shielding me from getting hurt. They were scared that I will be stupidly in love again...for the wrong reasons.

Being with MJ for the past weeks has been like a breath of fresh air. Whenever I feel pressured at work, he'd always encourage me to do well. Last time I felt sick, he never hesitated on picking me up from work, make sure I'm fed then drove me home so I could rest. Last night, when I thought that the new workload would be the end of me, he insisted we go out and try to have some fun. Oh, and the last time I needed someone to get me to the office safe because I had to run an errand at work, he immediately said yes, without having to complain for doing so.

The ironic thing though, is he was just like Ted Mosby. He said "I Love You" on the first date. I'm not sure why he did that, or if he really felt that way, but just like Robyn Scherbatsky, I was dumbfounded and uneasy. Plus I'm not sure how I really feel about him yet. But maybe, in a few days, he'll be lucky. :P

Going to Ilocos, my main goal was to unwind and leave Manila all my worries from the past. But now, I'm just thankful that I have finally let go of that. Though for now, I have to go to Ilocos to think, about my future, and what lies ahead.

Come May, we'll be going on another getaway! Karch, Jet, Mench, Alvin, Jori confirmed the trip already. I asked MJ last night and he was so ecstatic to join. Said he wanted to meet my friends. Well, for sure, my friends would grill him. Hahahah! I'm so excited.

Wait for me when I come back guys. Even though the trip would only consist Mench and I this time, it would surely be a riot. And I'll be spending my weekend, armed with my maillot and kissing the beach!

Happy long weekend everyone! :)

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