Thursday, October 08, 2009

I beg to disagree. hahaha!

Karch's are shoes. When I was telling her about my dilemma, she urged me to buy shoes. Shoes dont make you feel fat when you get the right size. They will make you feel tall if you feel short. It can kill you, but you can also make it work with the perfect fit.

Mine are books. I just cant live without them. You cant see me going out of town and not reading one on a long ride. My Mom used to lock my books when my grades got low and I worked hard in earning them back again. Though I managed to see where she hid them, you know where its like in a museum, and you see this very valuable piece of thing and you want to get it but it entails a great deal to do so, that's what I felt at that moment. hehehe.


I miss meeting my friends. I missed Karch and Jops. I wanted to meet Jonnah again since we last saw each other during Christmas season. And its what? Christmas is nearing again. :P

My friends are the loves of my life for now. They make my world go round. They all understood what I was going through. They were very open-minded to my issues even though I am stubborn most of the time. They were mad at what was happening, but not to the point that they would kill someone. I'm just glad that it is finally over. That I can go back to smiling again.

As for him, I trust that he will make the right decision. Because he never lets me down. That it was a phase for both of us to learn, and go back to plan more about the future. Our future together.

I had quite a bump, but my diamonds were there in my every step. Thank you BFFs! :)

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