Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is my kind of an action movie!

I just got home from Market Market! to see G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, with Hon Hon. No, I am not a fan of the cartoons, nor of action films, but this definitely made me interested of the jam-packed adventure and its full visual effect. The movie stood out because the plot continuously surprised the viewers as the story evolved from action to drama and then some more action, obviously. The movie, stars Channing Tatum, Sienna Miller, Marlon Wayans, Dennis Quaid, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, among other awesome actors.

Anyway, let me just say, I feel as if I'm always disappointed whenever I get to watch a movie at Market Market!. My first time was seeing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and I needed to go to the ladies room, outside the theater, at the farthest corner of the floor. Not only did I haven't seen at least 5-10 minutes of the movie, I would actually appreciate it if they placed their CRs inside the movie house, just so to be convenient for its customers.

Today's disappointment isn't exactly Market Market!'s fault, but the people beside us are movie talkers. You know like they have the need to talk really loud when the movie is going on, and they tend to exaggerate every amazing scene on the movie. And it doesn't end there, they had to translate foreign words like "Merci" and say "Please" loudly. The most annoying of all? They like discussed the movie so loud that we didn't get to understand parts of it. Fortunately, they didn't get the story too, so it was a win-win for me. I was getting close to buying them a bucket of popcorn so they could chew on it and stop talking the entire movie. Lesson learned? Bolt immediately from these people. Or you could kill one if your conscience couldn't stop you that time.


After the movie, we went directly to Fully Booked, High Street. And I so, so thank God that they restocked this:

I can't wait to read this after I sign out of my Laptop :)

I have been waiting to buy this for months. Yeah, months, because the last time I asked Powerbooks, MOA, they were sold out, so was National Book Store. I so need to have a discount card of Fully Booked since I let them make money out of the number of books I bought from them for years already. hehehe. Anyhow, I plan to finish the book by this week, in time for the movie to air in cinemas. I just love to compare and contrast.

Post-Its give you reasons to be more OC!

Also, I have to thank Post-It for the sampler pack Dimple and I claimed at NBS Megamall last night. To get your own Post-It Sampler Pack, register at, and even discover what kind of OC (Obsessive Compulsive) are you. I am mid-OC, according to the quiz. It's just that I have to plan days ahead, even months, I'm a stickler to schedules and I always have my planner with me. Stuffed with papers and pens, in different colors.


On serious stuff, I just have to pour this out of my heart. I hate snobs. And fair-weathered friends. I have been surrounded by these two kinds of people lately. I don't want to lose faith in people, but I feel as if they have been failing me. Every.Single.Time. I just hope that they would see the aftermath of the situation and not address me as the bad guy who knows no fun. I need friends who would inspire me, and not destroy my feelings for them.

My Dad will leave again for abroad tomorrow. This time, its Australia. How I wish I could be him sometimes so I could travel the world, see different cultures and discovering the sights and sounds of another countries. :)

If you see me tomorrow, I'll probably be buried in my nose, reading. Lovely Friday everyone. :) And few days before my birthday countdown begins.

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