Saturday, March 14, 2009

My weekend is spent dusting. How about that.

Apparently, my babies are already mustering dusts because my room and the construction at the house. Although after that, my genius brother had a thought:

"Ate, punta tayo ng Quiapo. Hanap tayong bagong DVDs. :P"

Okay, that's not so normal. My brother and I arent that close. We fight over the trivial things, get envious of each other in whatever way possible, and we scream like cats and dogs.

...But my friends didnt know that.

Though I appreciate him most of the time. Like when I need a ride to go to the airport for Davao. He volunteered to get me to the place where Im supposed to meet Hon or going to the Xzeno party and volunteered to mix our drinks up because its his forte. Or the time when my Mom's laptop's cord got broken and hid it from her.

I often guilt trip him with how I prepare his milk when he was still a baby or helped my Mom in changing his diapers. hahaha.

Okay, Im getting far from my story, so there, Les and I went to Quiapo earlier to buy new movies and stuff. We splurged! Okay, I know I shouldnt patronize pirated CDs, but it is convenient. Plus, not all movie stores has their titles yet. So in next days/weeks, I will be going on a marathon with these:

1. Bedtime Stories
2. Camp Rock
3. Confessions of a Shopaholic (even though Ive seen this on the screen already :P)
4. Yes Man
5. You Changed My Life (and seen this too.)
6. New In Town
7. My Boyfriend is Type B (Korean)

Plus, I have other movies lined up too like Slumdog Millionaire and She's the Man (Thanks Hon!), Revolutionary Road and The Secret Life of Bees. Ive seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last week and the movie is superb. Although it felt odd at the last part because when he was a baby, he looked like an old man na nga diba, but he has the features of a baby. But when he like grew up na, his body's like a baby na talaga. When people grow up, and die of old age, they dont look like babies kaya. Hehehe. Whatever, its their pick. LOL.


Ive completed the Shopaholic Series! Yay! Yun lang. And did it without burning my credit card. hahaha. HSBC can be lurve sometimes, but they are annoying din. Especially when they charge you with something you havent even utilized. But it became clear when I called them up. Thank God. And definitely not Lester's time to get a supplementary card. Mashadong maluho yung bata. hehehe.


This is serious...MAGPAPAPAYAT NA TALAGA KO. As in.

*crosses fingers* I really hope I can make it. Promise Papa God, ibalik mo lang ako sa dati, super di ko na aawayin si Hon Hon. Magbebenefit sha dun promise. :D

Have to go marathon at 1am. How about that. hehehe.

Good MORNyt!!!! :P

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