Saturday, March 07, 2009

Its March already! And I have started my summer escapades last February. hahaha.

Serious stuff now, I dont think that this will be an exciting summer for me. Out of town trips will probably be minimal, now that I'll be leaving my current job. Guess I'd have to trade my vacation for that. I cant do a disappearing act to my boss anymore because I dont wanna seem negligent or something like that. My family observes holy week, holy, hence staying at home and no gimmicks for me.

Hon volunteered to shoulder whatever expenses might occur, but I dont wanna burden him with all the obligatory stuff because its not his obligation to pay for everything until were married. So I guess I'll take a hiatus from summer for now.

..And better yet, I'll try to focus on being employee of the month on my upcoming job. hahah. who knows right?

On the other hand, let me say first that I have no problems whatsoever in my current work. It is I who decided to pack my bags, serve until my last 30 days and leave. As I always say to people who asks me, I think it would be best for me to leave now that I'm still young and have the drive to really strut my talents. I have no qualms with my boss or officemates because I still think they are the best, but I needed to grow. I needed someplace to gain more experience, and who knows, maybe I could say to Karch now that I wanted to take up that MA we talked about last Friday.

I wanted to convince myself that I would stay for five or more years in the company, but there came a point where I wanted to familiarize myself to another environment. Somewhere risky but the fruits of your labor are sweet. Something new, but knowing that your learning seems to thrive.

I know I can do this. Jia Yo Ria! :D


Hon's childhood friend, Deo is getting married on the 26th. Meri is getting married on the 21st. Am I not being paranoid that everyone is getting married?

Nah. I'd rather give it to them first. The bouquet incident at Maro's wedding couldnt be true. Well, not unless my partner gets the garter at Deo's wedding. hahaha. Anu ba! We have to save and all that pa. Time will come, but not now. :P

So anyhoo, we went to Bulacan today to fit their barongs. When we discovered that the entourage doesnt necessarily need to coordinate 'costumes', Hon backed out on buying one because he has lots during his Ate Ana's wedding and all that. I said that instead of availing a barong, he should buy me a dress instead, for the wedding. hahaha. Kidding! Pero seriously, I need to find a dress soon.


Have to go. I remembered, it has been a year since we went to Bora. Now I wanna go back. huhuhuhu.

Bye for now! :D

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