Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy 33rd Monthsary Hon Hon!

Three more months to go and were nearing our Third Year! Yay! I mean, how often do you find your soulmate, your best friend, your partner, your childhood sweetheart and your true love in one person? And we never thought we could still be together. :P Though there are times that we seem so competitive towards our beliefs, WE.STAYED.TOGETHER.

..and until forever and ever. :D

I love you so much. Always have, always will :)


Im excited to go out tomorrow. I dont know, maybe I am that frustrated on how things are going so far about work and other stuff. I need to recharge. Or shop. Whichever comes first. :P

Im looking for ways to go to Cebu and Bohol. Im so envious of the people going there. Hon Hon said that we should have at least two trips a year, but I dont want him spending too much money for airfares and stuff. So Im doing everything to research about promo fares, decent hotels and places to go to. Especially now that when were nearing our third year.

And Im looking for ways to get my old self back. I wanna slave myself going to Ultra or Starmall just so I could get good results. But I binge, everytime. I sooo need an inspiration.


Speaking of Congratulations, three of my friends passed the Nursing Board Exams. Great job to Aprelle, Bernard and Sanjay! Galing galing! You three deserve it. Libre naman jan! hehehe.

Panagbenga next week. The topnotcher came from Baguio. :D Hope they would have a grand celebration. At least for the flower parade na rin.

Layas na naman ako. harhar. Im tired, but happy at the same time. Well at least its keeping me distracted from the things that's been bothering me. And Im thankful that amidst all these, I still am grounded. And Im so thankful for now.

Gotta go!

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