Tuesday, June 03, 2008

These are the kind of days when you feel you have so much to blog, but you suddenly forgot what they are. Waah.

Anyhow, if I were third year college again, I would still be in Manila Times, looking for something to re-write, being handed a press conference but still have the time to surf the net and barge in the MIS department to download songs. That sounds bad. hehe. I'm kidding. You see, there's this former employee were friends with. And he lets us do anything during lean times. I just kinda missed that.

This day isn't that different. I still am thinking what to do right now, while working of course. Just that I mastered the art of multitasking, when REALLY REALLY needed.


Anyhow, let me tell you about my Belle De Jour Rendezvous experience. I know it has long been overdue, but it was fun. It actually is my first time to go on a lifestyle seminar because most of the ones Ive attended to are about personality or career. So anyway, Jeni and I meet at Glorietta so we could go to Rustan's together. I didnt make a lot of friends, but the speakers are very interesting. I personally loved how Ms. Dona talked about clothes. And I thought it would be shallow or very by the book. And she's not even pa-sosyal even though she has already worked for so many brands. I envy those people talaga.

Plus, we received lots of freebies. Jeni is even telling me that I should take care of the NARS blush I got. Haha. So expensive kasi. :P

After that, Brent and I also hooked up and talked about the recent events. In fairness to Brent, he always remained objective. Nice one. So after burning my pocket in shopping for books. (Which is a steal because I got what I was looking for in SALE! Yay!) After Glorietta, went straight to Greenbelt to look for Temple Bar. Then I went home because its his company's party and I wouldn't want to trail with him anymore. hehe.


I feel sad for my friend. When I thought everything was perfect in her life with her hubby, she let out last Saturday that they were thinking of separating. And they have a baby together. And they are married, legally. She even told me that she tried so hard to keep the marriage, but they just "fell out of love".


I wish they shouldnt have gotten married nalang. You know, just to get out of the hassles of annulment. I feel sorry for my goddaughter too. But most specially, I got scared that even when you think you have the most perfect couple to boot, they are still capable and sadly, did not overcome their problem that led them to separate. Really, it is so devastating because they promised to leave each other by marriage. And a whole lot will be hurt, especially God. Its depressing when you think about it.


Hehe, maybe not. Anyway, every relationship is different from another right? And I know our is for keeps. Locked is more like it. LOL


Last Sunday naman, Hon Hon let me go shopping at Divi. Well, actually, its SM Manila first to buy my Cosmo Mag, Quiapo for It Started With a Kiss II DVD, 168 to look for nifty stuffs and Tutuban to buy the green shoes Ive been eyeing on. Plus he took me shopping because he's now certified at work. Yay again!

May has been good to me. For some moments, hehehe. No seriously, it has its ups and down, but I'm glad I made it through. Gaah.

Have to go! Muah! :D

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