Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Got this quiz at Multiply from Badet. Sadly, I haven't visited much of the Philippines yet. But in due time, I would travel and learn from the different cultures of the world. Maybe someday when I'm filthy rich enough to circumnavigate the globe. LOL. Basically, the blue marks are just the ones Ive visited. uh,oh. :D


Mercie and I went to this Basement Bazaar at Paseo last night. Had two tops from Freego for less than 300 pesos. And there are also appliances and other original but cheap stuffs. Promised Hon we'll go there by Friday to check out other items.

Dad hasn't called me yet about the Ipod I was asking him to buy for me. Wala lang, na-e-excite lang ako. LOL.


I'm starting to read "Love in The Time of Cholera". I first saw the book at Serendipity. Its where Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) wrote her phone number so that Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) could call her and see if fate could work between the two of them. Loved that movie. So anyhow, I'm currently finding the book intriguing and very romantic. :D

Speaking of addictions, I'm on the second season of Grey's Anatomy Marathon already. I am so hooked on the lessons and quotes from Meredith Grey. It could actually touch whoever hard-headed people there might be. And sometimes, you cant help but to relate on how she feels and the fact that she strives and tries real hard to stay away from a great love. Why could I relate to it? Read my past entries at blogspot where I am head over heels madly in love with this guy but knowing I cant have him. Though now, he is and always be my McDreamy. Of course, without an Addison ruining my fantasyland. LOL.


Back then, I know that I am one of the romantics. I loved reading novels about love and passion. You could only rarely see me reading sci-fi or adventure books. When I was in High School, my library card was filled with Love Stories, Sweet Dreams and Sweet Valley. I knew how to woo someone, and be wooed by someone else. I make love letters as if it were the most natural thing in this world.

But when you grow up, you realize that love, like life, demands great responsibility. I didn't know back then that accepting your partner's faults requires great patience. Or that when you're completely opposites, it may also work, but you also have to work hard to meet each other's end.

So how do you know its truly love? It is when you could wait, even after fifty years, for him to come up to you and tell you that even if he wasted fifty years of not being together, just having each other for the remaining years of your life is the best one you could ever live.

...Though I'm just happy that Hon woke up after four years, because fifty years would also mean torture. hahaha. I'm kidding.

Gotta go. *tight hug*!

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