Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Word got out (and videos to prove it) that in one of the episodes of Desperate Housewives, they have mocked the Philippine Med Schools, questioning their credibility. As a Filipino, I must say that I am very much disappointed with the script because I used to watch Desperate Housewives at Studio 23. Nonetheless, it was Teri Hatcher who said the line, which by the way is one of my favorites at the show.

BTW, got the information from Ghing and Ive signed a petition here.

I love doing such a worthy cause. And I mean, they shouldve just respected the Filipino viewers. And I hope they wouldn't forget that most of their nurses came from the Philippines. And they say that these nurses give enough care than their own practitioners. What if one day, some Pinoys got back at them because of that right? I know I am babbling already, but hey, I love my country and everything that comes with it. And no egghead scriptwriter should get away with it. They're lucky they haven't been charged for libel.


Hon started his first day at school (again). After leaving for a year, he is back on the game. :D Im so proud that he'd manage to balance his work and school. And Im even proud that he also did this because I asked him to. And I know he also wanted to. I mean finish his degree.


I feel like getting behind my batch mates in High School. Mickey, a former classmate messaged me this morning. I was so surprised when she did because were not really what you could call friends. Though we were classmates once. She said that she's been tracking down our batch mates. I asked how she was, and told me that she has two kids already. Nice. Weird though, but nice. Im so wishing her the best. :D

Last night, Ruby and I met for the earrings she bought from our Online Shop. We finally saw each other after years. Hopefully, we'd also have a longer time to chat some other time.

And lastly, I am behind calling the people Ive promised to give a ring. Its just that these past few days, I'd rather sleep than dial the phone. Im sorry. I solemnly swear to call you once my sked's all free. hehehe.


Maam Kit asked me the other time if I do freelance writing. Im not sure how the article should be, or who would I write for, but I am definitely grabbing the opportunity, if given the chance. Maybe I could use it as a sideline (another I meant).

The best part is, I feel ecstatic because people recognizes my work. I mean, I am not left unappreciated. At the end of the day, after loads of work, you could never feel less because you feel respected by your workmates and even your boss. I so love this office. :D

Got mail that Powerbooks Warehouse will be having a sale this October 5-14. Problem is, I don't actually know how to get there. Maybe one of these days, I would scour for it. Hope I could find it before the deadline. hahaha.

Muah! I am running behind in everything because of this post. I just don't want my blog to feel like Im in a hiatus or something. Whatever Ria.

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