Thursday, August 16, 2007

As part of my birthday wish, I will go here...

I'm uber excited! I mean, it is my first time to go because during the previous years, its either already finished or I just plain missed it. Anyhow, the 28th Manila International Book Fair starts from August 28 to September 2. And I mean all the bookstores and publishers in the Philippines will participate in this event. Who knows, I might even see one of my favorite writers there or something. It also means that I have to save a whole lot before I go there.

Anyhow, Hon and I still doesn't have plans for my birthday. The only thing that comes to my mind is dinner at Saisaki. I don't know, we just want to have the Ultimate Buffet and screw our diet. Or so I hope. And since I couldn't go out of town or something like that, we'll both just take a leave and hang around Manila or something. I am really uncertain.


Our office wasn't suspended yesterday. Thankfully, when it was our time to leave, the sky didn't soak us with rain. Then went to meet him at Glorietta. He was so worried that it might rain again so he decided that we just have to hang out somewhere near my place. Hence, we went straight to Divi to shop since we still have the capacity to do so and have dinner at the back of Tutuban. You see, at the back of the mall, there's this place where there are varieties of sumptuous seafoods and other grilled dishes. And since it has been a long time since we've been there, the rest, as we can say is an enticing history. I definitely missed it.


Just this morning, I bumped into Sis at the MRT station. I missed her so much but we were both speechless because she just came from her work while I'm on my way to mine. Its just too bad that we couldn't even spare a minute to talk or something. I remember when we were in high school, Sis and I have been inseparable. But due to her illness, she was transferred to another school. I'm just so happy that now, she has never been better and already raring to her corporate job. I am also proud that she has also managed to graduate at my dream school.

You see, when I was applying for college, I only had two schools in mind. First is PLM while the other is UST. I wanna go to PLM because I could have quality education and we could save tuition at the same time, giving my educational plan to my brother and most of college fees might be given to me for say, a car or something. BUT the results of USTET came in first and I have to enroll or else my slot would be given to another hopeful wait-listed applicant. So I gave up PLM and didn't go back to check whether I passed or not because I could be either of the following reasons.

a. If I passed PLM, I might be disappointed of what my parents offered me because I was already enrolled at UST and I couldn't cancel that already, or

b. If I failed the examination, I would think that I'm this huge loser that couldn't pass a single examination in an excellent quality school.

Yeah, I know, I think too much. Its just that I set goals for myself and get so disappointed if I failed to meet them. Just that I expect too much and doesn't want to fail or I'll be doomed for life or something like that.


I am reading the book I bought this morning at the train. I was so moved by the essays and I believe that Paolo Coelho really have this way of telling stories in a manner that could inspire and nourish your soul. I am halfway finishing the book, and I really do want to meet him. I have noted a few quotes already and I lost count of the inspiring things he said about living, challenges, achievements, faith and love. Now the problem is how could I ever go to Brazil? haha.

Have to go. The sun shone again. I just hope it'll stay that way for now. :D

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