Sunday, December 18, 2005

I have this Harry Potter Game at the side Bar of my blog. Just use the arrow keys to prevent Harry by being smashed by the Whomping Willow..It's cool, actually! (~__~)

In a few days, matatapos na ang 2005, on Monday, it would be our last regular class for the year, as a student. Galing galing! (^___^,) I'm so excited na talaga sa PAskuhan!

We held the Christmas Party last Thursday. Thanks to Sir Trillana, wala akong class that day! whoee!But we were absent during Mam Perena's class dahil sobrang late na talaga kami.

Ang saya ng Party! Lalo na nung exchange gift, kasi literal na kami lang ni KC yung nagka-exchange ng gifts.. hehehe..

Dami pang food, Salamat sa mga nagdala, Salamat kay Ruby din na nagluto and all! Mahal ko 4Journ1! the best talaga kayo!

I would upload the pics ASAP. Sorry na-delay ako ng konti, wala kasing time mag-Internet sa labas. hehe..

Love you ol!


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