Friday, September 16, 2005

ohuhey.. I finally had the chance to blog.. Ive been so busy that I havent had time to go online the whole week. so here goes...

Though I still believe I deserve to enter the finals round of the kABog, I finally managed to slowly get over it. I mean, its just one contest and besides, I don't want to mourn for it again. Guess it would lead me to even more opportunities. Sasali talaga ko ng Star in a Million pagka-graduate ko! harharhar!

ANYWAY, we finally did the commercial and the interview shoot for our Broadjourn finals last Saturday and Tuesday. It was loads of fun. I can't wait to see the final products of our labor..hehe.. It's also nice seeing Brent be "bakya" for once.. Kidding!

Yesterday, I fulfilled my lifelong dream.. hehe, just kidding. You see, I have my own version of dreamland, and its not a place where there are lots of candies or anything of that sort. Actually, my dreamland is the ABS-CBN studio.. I guess its so petty or something but I have this hopes of working there in a few years.

So anyway, we went first to the Big Brother House.. Not part of the tour or anything but I just wanna see it because I've been really hooked to the program. So I really made sure to see it before the actual tour starts.

Pinoy Big Brother Cast

At 3:30 or during that hour, we finally went inside the studio, taking pictures of the sets of Game Ka na Ba?, TV pAtrol World and Insider, ANC and Wowowee.. Then saw different celebs like YA Chang, John Pratts, Mel Feliciano, Ces Drilon, Joseph Bitangcol, Edgar Mortiz and the twins from SCQ2..

We also went to the Technical Operations and all that. Just felt bad that we weren't able to watch the tapings and stuff. Or we didn't see Piolo Pascual anywhere..hehe

HAve to run my other commitments.. Gotcha!

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